omniupdate user's guide at MtsAC

Logging Out of OmniUpdate Publish

When you are done working on your Web site in OmniUpdate OU Campus, these are the steps to follow to log out.

  1. CLICK on the Content Tab to get to the full page listing view.
  2. CHECK IN any files that are checked out to you — unless you don't want anyone else to have access to that page until your return to work on it. Note: A page is check out if the light bulb icon is yellow and you can see the full list of editing icons next to that file.
  3. CLICK the Logout Button in the right upper hand corner of the screen. You will be prompted about whether or not you really want to log out. CLICK OK.

At this point, you can log back in to the Log in page. However, you will need to navigate back through all the Web site folders in OmniUpdate OU Campus to find folders that are accessible to you. If your site is a subfolder, such as all the faculty sites, you will need to locate the parent "faculty" folder to get to yours.

It is easiest to return to your page for editing by navigating to your Web sit in your the browser as you did in the beginning - and select the page by logging in through the Invisible Login Button on the upper left corner.