omniupdate user's guide at MtSAC

Making an Image into a Link

Sometimes it makes sense to make an image into a link.

As an example, the MTSAC logo image in the top navigation section includes a link back to the home page. If your program includes partnerships with another organization, you may want to include an image link with a logo to that organization's Web site. Just remember: If it's an organization with a Web site external to, always have that outside Web site open up into a separate window.

OmniUpdate makes it easy to create an image link.

There's only one thing to remember: Don't include a border around the image during the appearance set up. Otherwise, creating an image link is as easy as creating any other type of link.

  1. CLICK on the image that you want to make a link.
  2. Follow the instructions for creating a link to an external Web site or local page within your Web site or