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Inserting Link to External Web Site

Most of the links on your Web site will likely be to other local pages within your Web site or other MTSAC Web sites — in your division, departments, faculty member sites, student and other college services. However, there will be many reasons you will want to link to outside resources and Web sites. When you do, you will want the external Web site page to open in a new window so that you do not lose the visitor completely to that Web site.

Steps to create links to local and external Web sites are the same except for a couple points.

  1. Instead of clicking the File Browser icon, you will open a new Web browser window to find the external Web site page, and then copy and paste its URL (web address with the http:// included) into the Link URL text field.
  2. In the Link Manager dialogue box, CHANGE the Target field to Open in new window / blank.
Add a link in the Left Navigation Menu
  1. SELECT any page within your main Web site or sub-section Web site, depending upon on which left navigation menu you want to create the link. Remember: the left navigation menu is global to all pages within your Web site folder.
  2. CLICK the edit left navigation button.
  3. TYPE in the text that will become the link. The text should include words that are part of the page title that you are linking to.
  4. HIGHLIGHT the text.
  5. CLICK on the insert/edit link icon (world with chain). The Link Manager box will open.
  6. OPEN a second Web browser window to NAVIGATE to the external site's URL (web address with the http:// included). COPY and PASTE it into the Link URL text field in your Link Manager box.
  7. CONFIRM the other Link properties.
    •  CHANGE the Target field as Open in new window / blank.
    • You may TYPE in a Title description for the link (not required). This is what a visitor to your Web site will see when she places the cursor over the link.
    • LEAVE Class as Not Set.
  8. CLICK Insert button to complete the link creation. The editable area that you are worked on will appear with an active link.
  9. Continue adding links. When you are done, SAVE and then PUBLISH the page.
  10. CLICK on View Page New Window and TEST the link.


Add a Link in the Main Content Area
  1. SELECT the specific page on which you want to create a link to another page within your Web site or sub-section Web site.
  2. CLICK edit main content button.
  3. HIGHLIGHT the descriptive word(s) with your cursor in your main content area that will be made into a link. The link icons in the top right section of the tool bar should become active if they aren't already. FOLLOW steps 5 through 10 above.