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Creating a Link to a Shared Document

Before you create a link to a document from your left navigation or main content area, you must consider which file type to use, best practices for file naming and management, upload the file from your computer (hard disk or memory) to the document type folder in OmniUpdate, and then create the document link. The linking part is easy once you follow the document and folder guidelines below.

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Best Document Type for Sharing

First, always consider your audience and whether visitors to your site will have the software to open the file.

Whenever possible, it's best to convert files for sharing on the Web into a Portable Format Document (PDF), whether it is a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file, unless you want it to be used or edited in its original format. In that case, remember that there are different versions of software, and a visitor's software may not be compatible with yours.

PDF is a fixed-layout format used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware and operating system. If you do not have a computer with software to convert files to PDF, there are open source free options available to use.

Free PDF conversion tools:
Open Office 

Document File Management in OmniUpdate

Second, you must upload the document into your OmniUpdate document type folder. Both pdf and image folders were automatically created for your main Web site. If you've created a sub-section Class folder, you should see a pdf folder within that, too.

It is recommended to keep different file types separated for easier file management. You can create a new folder with these steps:

CLICK Content Tab > CLICK + New (upper right corrner) > CLICK New Folder and NAME it docs or ppts, depending upon type. Note: There were no "doc" or "ppt" folders automatically created for your site.


Naming Shared Document Files for Uploading to OmniUpdate

When creating documents for linking from the Web, use a short description, lowercase with NO spaces or periods for the file name. You may use hyphens (-). You can rename a file once it is uploaded in OmniUpdate. Example: bio10lec04-24-08.pdf. You MUST include the file extension, such as .pdf or .ppt.


Upload a Document(s)

  1. CLICK the Content Tab to see the your Web site Pages full folder and file listing.
  2. NAVIGATE to the destination folder, confirming the folder name and placement. Example: If you are linking to a pdf from a Web page in your your BIO 10 class sub-section Web site, navigate to the bio10 folder, then to the pdf folder.
  3. Once selected, you will see an image, pdf or document folder without any files listed. CLICK on the Production tab above the Upload arrow to confirm what files are already in the folder. Note: If the files being uploaded are to overwrite existing files, you will want to check the Overwrite box.
  4. CLICK the green upload arrow button at the upper right-hand corner of the Content tab interface. You will see the file Upload dialogue box.
  5. LEAVE Set access to everyone.
  6. CHECK the Overwrite box if you are uploading a revised file with the same file name as an existing image, pdf or ppt file.
  7. CLICK the Browse button.
  8. SELECT the file or files from your desktop one at a time that are to be uploaded. Repeat up to 10 files per upload session.
  9. When done selecting all files for upload, CLICK Upload button (near bottom of the page). Note: You can rename the files before uploading to meet the lowercase, no space criteria.You must include the .pdf extension (or jpg. or gif. for images) for the file to link or insert properly.
  10. When the upload is complete, you should see a Notice for a successful upload. CLICK on the Content Tab. You will see the empty folder. CLICK on the Production Tab if you want to confirm that the file is in the folder. Otherwise, NAVIGATE to the page that you want to edit to insert the image or add a link to a document. 
NOTE: If you click the production tab to make sure your files have been uploaded, remember to switch back to the staging tab when navigating to a file to edit a page.



Create a Document Link

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Left Navigation Menu
  1. SELECT any page within your main Web site or sub-section Web site, depending upon from which left navigation menu you want to create the link. (Remember: the left navigation menu is global to all pages within your Web site folder.)

  2. CLICK edit left navigation button.
  3. PLACE your cursor and TYPE a short description of the document where you want to create the link on the left navigation menu. Note: The description should include what type of document file and size it is. Example: Lecture 1 (PDF 1.2 MB), especially if the file is of considerable size. Also, note the number of pages if it is a large document.
  4. HIGHLIGHT the descriptive word(s) with your cursor. The link icons in the top right section of the tool bar should become active if they aren't already.
  5. CLICK on the insert/edit link icon (world with chain). The Link Manager box will open.
  6. In the General properties section, CLICK on File Browser icon next to the the Link URL text box. The File Browser dialogue box will appear.
  7. SCROLL to the appropriate document file folder, CLICK on the folder, then CLICK on the document file. Note: If you can't find it, make sure you are in the Production Server tab.
  8. CLICK the Select Button. The Link Manager dialogue will appear again with your selected file and it's path in the Link URL text box.
  9. CONFIRM other Link properties in the dialogue box.
    • CHANGE the Target field as Open in new window / blank.
    • TYPE in a Title description for the link (not required). This is what a visitor to your Web site will see when she places the cursor over the link.
    • LEAVE Class as Not Set.
  10. CLICK Insert to complete the link creation. The Left Nav Menu in Edit Mode will appear with an active link.
  11. Continue adding links. When you are done. When you are done, SAVE and then PUBLISH the page.
  12. CLICK on View Page New Window and TEST the link.
Main Content Area
  1. SELECT the specific page where you want to include a link to a document.
  2. CLICK edit main content button.
  3. TYPE and HIGHLIGHT the descriptive word(s) with your cursor in your main content area that will be made into a document link. The link icons in the top right section of the tool bar should become active if they aren't already. FOLLOW steps 5 through 12 above.