omniupdate user's guide at MtSAC

Uploading Images to an Image Folder

There are two ways to upload images into an image folder on your Web site.

  • Add a single image one at a time using the Insert Image tool while in Page Edit mode
  • Use the Content Tab full page view Upload Button to add up to 10 images at a time into your Web site image folder. Follow the steps as listed below.


  1. CLICK the Content Tab to see your Web site full folder and file listing.
  2. NAVIGATE to the Image Folder, confirming the folder name and placement. Example: If you want to upload images to your BIO 10 class sub-section Web site, navigate to and CLICK the image folder within the Bio10 Web site folder.  Or you can store all your images in the main directory Image Folder for your Web site.
  3. CLICK the green upload button with arrow at the upper right hand corner of the Content Tab interface. You should then see the file Upload dialogue box.
  4. LEAVE Set access to everyone.
  5. CHECK the Overwrite box if you are uploading a revised image file with the same file name.
  6. CLICK the Browse button.
  7. SELECT the image file or files from your desktop one at a time that are to be uploaded. Repeat up to 10 files per upload session.
  8. When done selecting all files for upload, CLICK the Upload Button.
    You can rename the files before uploading to meet the lowercase, no space criteria.You must include the image .jpg or .gif extension for the file to insert properly later in your Web page.
  9. When the upload is complete, you should see a Notice for a successful upload. CLICK on the Content Tab. You will see an emply image folder. CLICK on the Production Tab if you want to confirm that the recently upload files are in the folder. Otherwise, NAVIGATE to the page that you want to edit to insert the image. You will find your images in the image folder when you go to insert an image in your Web page.

Note: All binary files (images, documents, PDF’s) are uploaded directly to the production server. All editable Web page files (HTML) are uploaded initially to the OmniUpdate staging/application server. Select the view of ‘Switch to Production Server’ to confirm that your document files have been uploaded properly.