omniupdate user's guide at MtSAC

Inserting an Image into a Web Page

Before you can insert an image into a page, you must upload it into an image folder for your Web site.

Upload and insert a single image on a page
  1. SELECT the page and editable area in which you'd like to place the image
  2. PLACE your cursor on the left margin of the page area in which you would like to insert the image. (This can be moved later so don't worry about placement too much.)
  3. CLICK the Insert Image icon Insert/Edit Image buttonon the toolbar. The Image Manager dialogue box will appear.
  4. CLICK on the File Browser icon.
  5. NAVIGATE to the Image folder that contains the image file that you want to insert.
  6. CLICK on the image file (you can preview the images in this mode).
  7. CLICK the Select button.

    NOTE: At this point, if
    you need to upload a single image, follow these steps.

    1. CLICK the Upload button
    2. BROWSE to the image on your computer
    3. CLICK Upload Image button, and it should appear in the Image Preview box
    4. CLICK the Select button.

  8. TYPE an image description. Note: This is required for Section 508 accessibility. This will be read when your image is not displayed. Before you click insert, set the image appearance. OR You can go back to edit the appearance later.
Set image appearance in page
  1. CLICK on Appearance Tab.
  2. SELECT the alignment to left or right in most cases.
  3. If you want to size the image once inserted into the page, make sure the Constrain proportions box is checked.
  4. SET the vertical and horizontal space to allow white space between the text above and next to the image. The vertical spacing is relative to what is above and below. It the text will wrap, type in 2 and adjust later. The horizontal spacing is best at minimum 8.
  5. If you want a border around the image, TYPE 1 in the Border Box. Note: Do not include a border if you want to create an image link.
  6. LEAVE the style and class as is.
  7. REVIEW the preview box. Adjust spacing if needed.
  8. CLICK insert button. You will see your image placed in the page.

If you want to adjust the appearance, place you cursor on and click the image. It must be selected. Then CLICK the Image icon Insert/Edit Image button again. The Image Manager box should show all the existing information about your image. If it doesn't, check that you selected the image.

Find out how to upload multiple images prior to placement.