omniupdate user's guide at MtSAC

Preparing Images for Your Web Site

With OmniUpdate, you upload images to an image folder, which is then accessed when you are ready to insert the image into a Web page using the Image Insert/Edit tool.

But first, a few important considerations about preparing images for your Web pages:

  • Use your graphics program to save your pictures in one of the two standard web formats, .gif or .jpg.
  • If you create your own pictures, you will need a graphics program to prepare your pictures for the Web. Web Resizer at is a free web-based tool that is easy to use to prepare your images for the Web.
  • Crop and size your image dimensions to fit within the 600 px width of the Main Content area of your Web pages. Generally, a width between 400 to 200 px is best.
  • Assemble and save your graphic files on your computer in preparation for uploading them your site's image folder.
  • Always consider copyright implications of using pre-existing images created by others.

A full description of these formats is beyond the scope of the OmniUpdate User's Guide but line art and graphics are likely to work well in the .gif format, and photographs or shaded and blended images are better in the .jpg format.

Copying Web Graphics

You can use your Web browser to copy graphics from other Web sites. Remember that most images on Web sites are subject to copyright regulations.

  1. NAVIGATE to the web site with the picture you want
  2. COPY the image to your computer
    • On Windows: Right-click on the image you want and select Save Image As and SAVE to your desktop.
    • On Macintosh: CLICK and DRAG the image onto your desktop.
  3. REMEMBER the name of the image or rename to make sense for your files. You will need to browse for it when uploading with OmniUpdate.

Contact the Web Team if you need assistance sizing an image or want to include it with the burgundy circle effect in the left navigation menu image area.

Web Resizer

Free online tool to optimize pictures and images for Web sites.Crop, resize, contrast, sharpen. Go to