omniupdate user's guide at mtsac

Selecting Editable Areas

Web pages created in OmniUpdate include a global top tab navigation menu and bottom footer for consistency across all pages. These cannot be edited.

Together they include a link back to the main page, a search function, directories and links to areas throughout, including your Web site.

All other areas on your pages are editable, as designated by the green and orange edit buttons.

  • Green edit button areas are specific to a single page.
  • Orange edit button areas impact all pages within a folder on your Web site.

    Note: If you create a sub-folder for a sub-section on your Web site, it will include a different left navigation menu that will automatically generate a link back to the main page of your Web site.


Here's a list of editable areas of your Web pages and guidelines for each, starting with the top left corner column image area:

  1. Right or Left Navigation "edit picture area" - Section intended for a banner or photograph that represents a view of the MTSAC campus and/or your department within the MTSAC campus. Please contact the Web Team if you have an image that you would like included. You can leave this picture area blank.
  2. Right or Left Navigation "edit navigation." Menu section for creating links to the different pages in your Web site. Categorize page links by using a special Left Nav green subheading style. Add other links relevant to your Web site.
  3. Right or Left Navigation "edit information area." Section to include contact information for the Web site Department/Faculty member.
  4. Banner Section "edit picture area." This section includes the title for your Web site or subsection, which is your division, department, service, program or faculty name. The wording in the banner title is in readable text. If you create a sub-folder/sub-section Web site, you can change the banner title to reflect the sub-section.
  5. Page Content Area "edit main content." This section is set at fixed width which includes a set margin. The page can be as long as necessary, but it is best practice to not make a visitor scroll down more than one or two screen lengths. The area includes a unique page heading or page title. This should be left as a Heading 3 for ADA 508 accessiblity best practices. The rest of the page is the place for you to be creative with your content.

Note: The global navigation files are called "include files." They are separate files that are included with all the main content body pages. If you open one of these files in the editable page listing section, when you save and publish it, you will not see it with any other parts of your Web page.

Best Practice: When editing an include area, first open the index page and then select the area to edit. This way when you save and publish the area, you will see the changes in the context of the entire page.

  1. CLICK on the Editable Area button for the section that you want to edit. Start using the editor tool bar, creating a nice layout for your content information with images, colored subheading and links!