omniupdate user's guide at mtsac

Basic Training Outline

  1. Functional Templates Overview
  2. Logging In
  3. omniupdate at vs.
  4. OU Campus Interface
  5. Editable Page Area Buttons - Page (green) vs. Global (orange)
  6. Page Editor Toolbar View
  7. Page Actions Toolbar View - Single Page with Split Screen
    • Edit
    • Modifying Page Properties
    • Preview
    • Check Links
    • Revert to previously published - Version archive
    • Back up
  8. Editable Web Pages Full View - Full List of all page files and folders > Content Tab
  9. Page Check In and Check Out - Turn on and turn off the light bulb
  10. Create a New Page and Folder - Content (Pages) Tab > +New (must be in Editable Web Pages Full View)
    • Template selection
  11. Saving (Preview) vs. Publishing (Review in new window)
  12. Using the Editor Tool Bar
    • Save often
    • Copying and Inserting Text from other Web pages or Word
    • Heading styles
    • Creating and Modifying Links
    • Uploading and Inserting Images
    • Creating and Modifying Tables
  13. Uploading Documents for Sharing - Content (Pages) Tab > Upload (must be in Editable Web Pages Full View)
  14. Quick Edit
  15. Logging Out - Check pages back in first (turn off the light)
  16. Best Practices
    • Image Sizing - Web Photo Resizer
    • Document Preparation - Convert to PDF
    • File naming - use lowercase, hypens or underscores (NO spaces!)  and include extension (eg.  .html, .pdf, .ppt, .doc, .jpg, .gif
  17. Online User Guide at
  18. Email the Web Team at when ready to go LIVE
  19. Open Lab and Training - Check for times at