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Best Practices, Tips and Tricks

How to Optimize Photos for the Web

Optimize your images before uploading with OmniUpdate by using a photo editing tool, such as Photoshop, available in the Staff Development Lab, or Web Resizer, a free Web-based tool.This will help your Web pages load faster.

Reduce the file size of your image

  • Crop off unnecessary parts of the picture. This will lower the file size without lowering its quality.
  • Convert your image to a lower resolution. Reduce high resolution pictures to 72 dpi, the standard resolution for images on the Web.
  • Choose the lowest Image Quality value possible without losing the integrity of the image. A low value for Image Quality will give a smaller file size, but the image can start to break up.
  • Use Photoshop's Save for the Web function to compare and select the best image quality before uploading your image with OmniUpdate.

Increase the sharpness of your image

  • Images taken directly from a digital camera usually look a little bit soft and need a small amount of sharpening. Most photo editing tools include a sharpen feature.
  • Note: Some images may not need sharpening. Try it and revert back to the original if sharpening does not improve the quality.

Add a border

  • A border enhances an image and helps set it off from the background and surrounding text.
  • You can add a border when you insert the image with OmniUpdate. Use a 1px when setting the border with OmniUpdate.

Resize your image dimensions

  • You can tweak the dimensions of your image with OmniUpdate but its best to crop and resize the width and height of your image for placement in your Web page before you upload it to the production server.

Web Design Tips

Make your Web pages easy to read and navigate

  • Remember that easy to read trumps flashy
  • Make your paragraphs short for scanning key words
  • Use bullet lists for easy reading
  • Avoid busy backgrounds behind text
  • Use a font color with high contrast to the background
  • Name label links so users know exactly where they lead
  • Keep the visitor's work to a minimum, don't make them think!

Keep the elements consistent throughout the site

  • Graphics
  • Typefaces
  • Headings
  • Hyperlinks

Optimize your download speed

  • Include graphics with the smallest possible file size that doesn’t compromise resolution
  • Limit the use of animations and other elements that take a long time to download

Make Text Changes with Quick Edit

How to Use Quick Edit with Firefox or Explorer

  1. Using Firefox or Explorer, browse to the page that you want to edit.
  2. Log in to the page using the time stamp link with your own unique password.
  3. Click on blue "Edit/Check Out" button on the top right navigation bar.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Click the Save All Changes button on the top right navigation bar.
  6. Publish the page.
  7. Double check to make sure the the change is what you want.
  8. And you are done. Relax!

Contact the Web Team for any technical support questions that you may have when using OmniUpdate.