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Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

If you don't see the answer to your question, email the Web Team.

Also visit the OmniUpdate Help Center to view demonstration videos, check out the quick tutorials, and download the Basic User Guide to help you get acquainted with how to use OmniUpdate to edit and create content in your faculty or deparment Web site.

Is OmniUpdate intended to replace eLearn or is it an alternative to using eLearn?
OmniUpdate is a browser-based Web content management system (WCMS) tool. At MTSAC, eLearn was intended for faculty Web sites only. OmniUpdate is supported by the MTSAC  Web Team, with the goal for it to be used by all Web content providers for public MTSAC Web sites.

Is eLearn going away, and if so, how long will it remain available to use?
  eLEarn is a district-supported system that will eventually be replaced. We encourage all eLEarn faculty to adopt OmniUpdate as schedules allow by the fall 2011.

How will the content from my eLearn Web site be converted to my OmniUpdate Web site?
A faculty Web site will be created for you using the MTSAC faculty OmniUpdate template. You will learn how to copy information from your eLearn site into your new OmniUpdate site during training. You can add and remove pages to your OmniUpdate faculty site that fit your instructional needs.

Can I continue to maintain and work with my eLearn site while learning OmniUpdate?
Yes. Your new Web site in OmniUpdate will remain in the OmniUpdate development server until you tell us you are ready to replace your current faculty Web site.

How does OmniUpdate relate to Other Programs?
OmniUpdate is the new Web content management tool for creating Web sites available for public access on Other programs are for creating course-based, password-protected content, available to students who sign up for an online class. If you teach online courses, we encourage you to still have a public faculty Web site.