omniupdate at mt. San Antonio College

Build a Faculty Web Site

This OmniUpdate Faculty Web Site Guide is designed to help you get your faculty Web site up and running as fast as possible, with tools and tips so that you may easily update content for your students.

As you work through this guide, you'll find links to the general User's Guide for OmniUpdate that provides step-by-step instructions for completing specific tasks for creating a Web site using OmniUpdate, Mt. San Antonio College Web content management system.

  • Read the OmniUpdate @ MTSAC Quick Guide.  This will help you on how to use the OmniUpdate resources. If you feel comfortable with the material, you can start working on a site on your own as soon as we set up an account and basic Web site pages. Or you can attend a Training Session for help.
About the Faculty Web Site Template Structure
  • The Faculty Web Site Template provides these ready made pages for adding content.

    1. Welcome Homepage (index.html)
    2. Announcements
    3. Projects
    4. Biography

  • Then you create new pages for your classes. You can choose different templates to fit your instructional style, including a single page or a class folder with multiple pages.

  • You can delete any of pre-created pages, with the exception of the index.html file.
    If you decide to create subfolders for your individual classes, you will have multiple index.html page files. This is basic Web site structure. Every Web site directory/folder has an index.html file
Before you create new class pages, consider how you want to use your Web site for your class materials.
  • Do you mainly want to post class documents as the quarter progresses, such as the greensheet, assignments and lecture notes? A generic faculty single page for each class may be best.

  • Do you have a lot of information to share with students, including images and links to other Web sites that you want to set up in Web pages?  A class subfolder with multiple pages may be best.
You will create both new pages within your main faculty directory folder (lastfirstname) and/or create class subfolders using the + New button and page creation template system.

First review the Faculty Template description section.

Then see the Online Users Guide for Create a New Page

  • Use lower case, no spaces when creating the folder and file names for each class.
  • Use your class schedule listing, such as bio10 or es61a for the file name.
  • Include .html if it is a single page.
Things to remember
  • Use lower case and no spaces when naming files, including pdfs, jpg or gif files. Always include the file extension, such as .jpg, .pdf, .html
  • Always use the Paste from Word tool in the WYSIWYG editor when copying content from a Word document.