Omniupdate at Mtsac

Best Practices

  • Is your page formatted in a way that is easy to read for key concepts, using short paragraphs, bullet points and subheadings?
  • Did you stay with the default settings for your main content paragraphs? – Black text on white is easiest to read.
  • Do you link to other pages within your Web site whenever appropriate?
  • If you copied from another Web site, did you remove formatting which conflicts with the Mt. San Antonio College template standards? 
  • If you copied from Word, did you use the Paste from Word tool? *Faculty – please see section on formatting your syllabus from Word.
  • Did you upload photos copied over from another Web site into your image folder and do you have copyright approval to use those photos?
  • Did you use short but descriptive names?  Folder example: es06, bio10 or award2008 File example: resources.html, bio10sp08.html
  • Did you use only lower case characters, numbers, and hyphens and/or underscores – with NO spaces?
  • Do the page file names correspond to the page title? Example for faculty pages: Did you rename the sampleclass.html page to reflect your own class, such as bio10.html?
  1. Reformat font and size to Arial 10.
  2. Copy content that you want to migrate to OmniUpdate
  3. CLICK Paste from Word icon.
  4. PASTE (use keyboard shortcut) copied content into the pop up box.
  5. CLICK insert.
  • Did you convert Word or PowerPoint documents to PDFs, renaming the files using the lowercase, no spaces rule?
  • Did you upload the files into the appropriate PDF folder?
  • Do not change font color for links (this will impact other behaviors for linked text).
  • Do not underline text in general (the link tool will do this automatically).
  • Identify links that will open as documents, file type and size (eg. PDF 5.3 KB) If the document is more than a few pages, identify the number of pages. (eg. PDF 2.4MB 25 pgs).
  • Make sure images did not get inserted inadvertently as linked images – select image and click on the delink tool.
  • Target Selection
    • External Web sites and Documents – Select Open in New Window
    • Web pages on – Leave default Open in this Window / Frame
  • Paragraph Font – Do not change the default font size or color, except in cases when text is not a subheading and you want an item to stand out. You could also use a background in a table to highlight a concept.
  • Paragraphs – Break up your text into short paragraphs. It is easier to scan key concepts.
  • Bold – Emphasize key concepts using the bold tool (or keyboard shortcut).  Readers scan Web pages. This will help readers to pick out the key concepts of your page so that they can come back to it or read more.
  • Underline – Do not underline text. Users will think it is a link. NOTE: When you select text to make a link, it will automatically become underlined.
  • Italic – Use sparingly only for emphasis within a sentence.  A paragraph in all italics is difficult to read.
  • Title Heading 3 – Do not change the default page title heading. Do change the text color for emphasis that works with your banner.  
  • Subheadings – Using subheadings (format dropdown) 4, 5 and 6 to distinguish areas within your page. Change the text color (styles) to help the subheading stand out. Use the same subheading number for areas of equal importance. Subheading 4 is larger than 5.
  • Did you check the Page Title at the top of the browser window and edit Page Properties to change or to edit key words and the page description that will be seen by search engine results?
  • Are your tables set at 100% so that they don’t exceed the banner width?
  • Did you check in (turn off the bulb) for each of the pages?
    • If you made edits, saved the page, and the page is still checked out, you may not have completed the publishing process. If you wanted to publish the changes, you may want to view the page in a new window to confirm that your edits took effect. Go back and publish again if the didn’t.
  • Check pages back in when you are ready to push your site LIVE.

Thank you for your attention to these details as you build and maintain your Web site. If you have questions, please e-mail the Web Team at and let us know when you are ready to GO LIVE!