General Parking Information


A Parking Permit is required & parking regulations are enforced in all Students Lots during Fall, Spring, Winter and Summer sessions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Student Permits are valid only in Student Lots.

Student Parking Permit Fees:

  • $40 Spring or Fall Semesters
  • $25 Replacement fee for Spring and Fall
  • $20 Winter or Summer Intersessions
  • $12 Replacement fee for Winter and Summer Intersessions

Students may purchase permits and pay parking citation fines Monday through Friday at the Bursar's Office (click for hours) located in the Auxiliary Services Center, Bldg 9A.


Student and Staff Parking permits must be clearly displayed, hanging from REAR-VIEW MIRROR; or a window sticker affixed to the lower left side of REAR WINDOW; or a bumper sticker affixed to the left side of REAR BUMPER. Permits must be clearly visible from the rear of the vehicle. Failure to display a valid Permit will result in the issuance of a parking citation.

A citation may be dismissed to students who have purchased a parking permit and who have been issued a parking citation for “No Valid Permit displayed” or “Improper Display of Permit” in a student parking lot, if dismissal is requested within 35 calendar days of citation issuance and a $5.00 administrative fee has been paid to cover the cost of processing these dismissals. Only one parking citation will be dismissed for these reasons.


  • VISITORS. Thirty-minute (30) and ten-minute (10) parking areas are designated with green curbs. Visitors who need to park for longer time may use parking meter stalls found in certain parking lots on campus, or park in one of two pay lots – Pay Lot A and Pay Lot B – daily parking fee is $3.00.
  • DAY-USE PARKING PERMITS: Day-use parking permit dispensers have been installed at various areas in student parking lots. Day-use parking permits may be purchased from these machines for a $3.00 fee and are good for the date of purchase only. The parking permits will allow persons to park their vehicles in any student lot. Day-use parking permits are NOT valid in metered parking stalls or pay lot.
  • METERED PARKING - Metered parking is available for visitors in certain parking lots on campus (25¢ for each 15 minutes; 4 hour maximum) PERMITS ARE NOT VALID IN METERED STALLS. State Disabled Persons placards allowed at meters.
  • DISABLED PERSONS PARKING - Vehicles parked in the Blue-Lined Disabled Persons Parking Stalls are required to properly display a current State issued Disabled Persons placard. Individuals with a short-term special parking needs can contact the student Health Center, ext. 4400 for consideration of a temporary, limited medical parking permit.
  • To disabled individuals who possess a State Disabled Persons Placard and receive a citation for failing to display their placard, who request a citation dismissal and submit their current Disabled Placard documentation as evidence that a placard had been issued to them, must pay a $25.00 administrative fee to process the cancellation of the citation as per California Vehicle Code Section 40226.
    • 40226.  An issuing agency may, in lieu of collecting a fine for a citation for failure to display a disabled placard, charge an administrative fee not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25) to process cancellation of a citation in any case where the individual who received the citation can show proof that he or she had been issued a valid placard at the time the citation was received (Added Sec. 5, Ch. 640, Stats. 2002. Effective January 1, 2003).
  • STAFF LOTS - All faculty & staff must have a current, valid staff parking permit in designated staff parking lots. Temporary staff parking permits may be obtained from Parking Services, Bldg. 23. Staff permits cannot be used in metered stalls.
  • MOTORCYCLES - As long as traffic is not obstructed, students may park in student lots only at the end of parking rows within the lines if not marked NO PARKING without a student permit. A motorcycle parked in a parking stall must display a student parking permit. A staff permit is required on all motorcycles parked in staff lots.