Campus Law Enforcement Authority

The Mt. San Antonio College Public Safety Department has the authority to enforce the Student Discipline Code of Conduct under the Education and Penal Codes of the State of California. Public Safety personnel are not sworn law enforcement officers but act as the liaison with local police and Sheriff's departments in cases of criminal actions. Mt. San Antonio College District incident reports are not official police reports. If an official police report is required, the Walnut substation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is the appropriate agency to contact.

Crimes Prevention

The Public Safety Department’s primary responsibility is the safety and security of all members of the College community. Every effort is made to inform students and staff of criminal activity or any other concern that may be an immediate threat to the safety and security of those on campus. Information and workshops on crime prevention are made available to College students and staff throughout the academic year. It is the responsibility of every member of the campus community to act in ways that promote the safety of self, others, and the protection of District property.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Programs

A description of drug & alcohol-abuse education programs is available in the College Catalog (all classes offered are listed) and in the Schedule of Classes (only classes offered during the semester are listed). Click here for an excerpt from the College Catalog description of drug programs.

Reporting Crimes & Emergencies

Students and staff should report serious crimes and emergencies, i.e., fire/medical, occurring on campus to the Public Safety Department or call 911. When using an on-campus extension, call 9-911. Incidents may be reported to Public Safety by calling (909) 594-5611, ext. 4555, 24 hours a day. During normal business hours, Public Safety may be contacted at Building 4, Room 105, or by calling ext. 4233. The Public Safety Department is located at the southeast portion of the campus off Bonita Drive in Building 23. Public telephone locations on campus have at least one phone that is equipped with a red emergency button that is a direct line to the Mt. SAC Public Safety Office during and after business hours. In the event of an emergency, students and staff are requested to make a prompt and accurate report to the Public Safety Department.

Students are also encouraged to report any problems with the campus environment to the Public Safety Department, but we encourage reporting anywhere on campus you feel comfortable, such as the Student Life Office or any other campus administrators. The Public Safety Department maintains an anonymous crime tip line at (909) 594-5611 ext. 4555. The Public Safety Department, Counseling, Psychological Services and Student Life will accept confidential and anonymous reports of crimes for inclusion in the annual statistical report. It is our goal to provide assistance wherever the report is made to make sure we include the crime in our annual security report.  

Mt. SAC also encourages anyone who witnesses or has knowledge of a crime, or if you have seen or know of someone who has committed a crime, is dealing drugs, or has defaced Mt. SAC property, to report the information to WeTIP ( by calling 800-78-CRIME. Reports are taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are completely anonymous.
If you are interested in information about registered sex offenders, you can call or visit the State of California "Megan's Law" sex offender search web page at Information can also be obtained from the Los Angles County Sheriff’s Department Station located at 21695 East Valley Boulevard, Walnut, California.

Security & Safety of Off-Campus Sites

The Public Safety Department does not provide security at off-campus sites. All emergencies and crimes should be reported to the local police agencies in that area. The Public Safety Department should be notified after the local Police Agencies to ensure you have received the appropriate service. We have made arrangements for the administrators at these sites to notify us of any reported crimes.