Bid Process

Formal bids are required for supplies and equipment in excess of $86,000 and for labor in excess of $175,000 (click here for Documentation Requirements). These amounts are in accordance with PCC 20651 and may increase annually. These purchasing procedures are designed to encourage open competition. Here's the general sequence:

  1. Notices of formal bids are mailed/faxed to vendors on the current bid list and published in the legal section of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin once a week for two consecutive weeks. Failure to respond to bid invitations or price requests may result in removal from the bid list. A vendor’s response of “No Bid” is considered responsive.
  2. Bidders must read and understand all the bid documents. If vendors need any portion of the bid language clarified before submitting a formal bid, they have the opportunity to submit in writing “requests for clarification/ information” within a specific timeframe stated in the bid.
  3. Vendors and contractors must ensure that Purchasing receives their bids on or before the deadline. Bids received after the deadline are rejected and returned unopened.
  4. Bids are opened at a specified time. Bidders are welcome, but are not required, to attend the bid openings.
  5. Bids are then reviewed to determine the lowest responsible and responsive bidder. This evaluation process may consider such factors as price, specifications, vendor’s past performance, product compatibility and quality, and—when appropriate—proposed delivery or completion time.
  6. The selected vendor and bid proposal are recommended for approval to the Mt. SAC Board of Trustees at its next regularly scheduled meeting (usually the fourth Wednesday of the month). If approved by the board, the contract is awarded.