Current Student

Elisa Marin

Elisa Marin

International Relations Major

For someone who didn’t plan on going to college, Elisa Marin has certainly blossomed at Mt. SAC. She currently represents students on the Board of Trustees and believes that her college experience has been life-changing—a testament to her personal and academic success. “It’s actually been transformational,” Elisa says. “My experience here and the people I’ve met here have given me the confidence and encouragement to believe in myself when no one else did.” Elisa’s high school experience was less than stellar.

She admits she often skipped classes, and grades were always a sore subject. She transferred to a continuation school and was told that she was not “college material.” Yet after being inspired by a Mt. SAC High School Outreach representative presentation, she spoke to advisors and counselors at the college and then decided to give Mt. SAC a shot.

“Definitely give Mt. SAC a try and allow the people there to help you,” she advises friends today. “Mt. SAC provides the support that a lot of students don’t receive at home.” Elisa’s path to success started at Mt. SAC’s High School Adult Program, where she earned her high school diploma. Then she enrolled in college courses and got involved in the Associated Students, which “had a huge impact on me,” she says. “That drove me to do better.”

She served as a senator in the student government, got involved in Students in Free Enterprise (a student business club), and later was elected as the student trustee on the college’s governing board to represent students’ interests. At this juncture along the path, Elisa realized she had found a home at Mt. SAC.

“In fact, I spend more time at Mt. SAC than I do at my own house.” Now Elisa carries a 3.0 GPA and will graduate in June. She plans to transfer to UC-San Diego as an international relations major next fall, but she will always remember the place and the people who helped her achieve her goals. “The people who work here at Mt. SAC are all about helping students succeed. Mt. SAC will change your life.”