Dr. Marc Mora

Dr. Marc Mora

Physician/Biology Major (’84)


As the medical director for Group Health Medical Centers, Dr. Marc Mora heads a team of 600 physicians who care for more than 400,000 people in the Seattle, WA, area. But coming out of high school, he wasn’t seriously thinking about going to college—much less becoming a physician . . . until he came to Mt. SAC!“

Mt. SAC provided me with the opportunity to explore my options,” he says. “My experience there taught me about the world, what’s out there, and what I wanted to pursue. It helped me figure out what was important to me.”

Coming from a family background where college wasn’t significant, Marc worked part time as a cook in restaurants while attending Mt. SAC. It took him four years to complete his program, but the experience allowed him to find himself and discover that he had a passion for science.

While he explore different fields and took a variety of different classes, Marc learned the importance of studying, how to focus, and what to focus on. He says Mt. SAC gave him the time and space to experiment with different content areas as well as the time to improve his own learning style and habits.

After graduating in 1984 with an associate degree in biology, Marc went on to earn a bachelor’s at UC Irvine and his MD at UC San Francisco. Since then, he has enjoyed a distinguished medical career, having garnered accolades as the recipient of Group Health Permanente’s 2011 Jerome Beekman Leadership Award. He has also published clinical and policy articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Yet after 23 years as a physician, Dr. Marc Mora still looks back with fondness on his days at Mt. SAC: “As I look back on the great opportunities that I have had and been able to take advantage of, I believe that many of them began because of my time at Mt. SAC.”