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Autumn Seebold

Autumn Seebold

Bridge Program


A few months ago, Autumn Seebold had just graduated from Garey High School in Pomona. She knew she wanted to go to college, but was unsure of just about everything concerning it. “I was nervous about going to college,” Autumn recalls. “I didn’t know what to expect, didn’t know if I could handle the workload, and didn’t know where the resources to go to college would come from.”

Soon afterwards she discovered Mt. SAC’s Bridge Program, a six-week program designed to new high school grads make a seamless transition into college life. Students take refresher courses in cohort groups that provide the support, encouragement, and motivation necessary to succeed.

“Everyone in the Bridge Program was really open and helped to engage us with college life,” she says. “The professors were down to earth, and we got to know everyone in the program. It helped me to not feel alone anymore.”

Once Autumn took advantage of the opportunities available, the doors to higher education were opened to her. She learned firsthand what college life was like, wich support programs were available, and where to find the resources she needed to attend college, including financial aid.

“Bridge gave me the confidence to move forward and succeed,” she said.

Today, Autumn is enrolled in her first semester at Mt. SAC. She’s currently taking general education courses, but is leaning toward a major in the medical field. She has gone from being uncertain about the future to being optimistic and confident in her abilities. What a difference a few weeks can make! And she owes it all to the Bridge Program.

“Bridge gave me the confidence to move forward and succeed,” Autumn says. “Plus the experiences and friendships you make are lasting. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”