Transfer Student

Dianna Blake

Dianna Blake

English Major, Cal State Fullerton


As a 2013 Mt. SAC graduate and mother of three, Dianna Blake is well on her way to earning a bachelor’s degree in English from Cal State Fullerton and realizing her dreams. The road to “today” wasn’t easy—juggling parenting with schoolwork—but she credits Mt. SAC with preparing her and giving her the confidence to succeed.

“I gained confidence through my experiences at Mt. SAC and realized that I could do this,” exclaimed Dianna, who was previously a “C” student in high school and not completely sure of her abilities in a college setting.  

Once she took the next step and enrolled at Mt. SAC, she was on her way. Classes in the Honors Program prepared her for the rigor of university academics. She brushed up on her study skills and eventually took more challenging courses.

“The hardest part was stepping out of my comfort zone and taking classes that weren’t ‘safe,’ like science and math courses.”

Dianna recently finished her first semester at Cal State Fullerton, where she was named to the Dean’s List for her exceptional grades. Her plan is to continue her education and get a master’s degree either at Fullerton or USC. Eventually, she would like to teach English at a community college.

But no matter what the future holds in store for her, Diana will always remember where the foundation was laid for her success.

“Mt. SAC has a higher level of academic standards and sense of community that helped prepare me,” she says.