Nursing Program

Department of Nursing Philosophy

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing is consistent with the philosophy and objectives of Mt. San Antonio College, which is to meet the educational goals and aspirations of the communities it serves with special sensitivity to serving those who are under-represented. The faculty of the Department of Nursing, as well as the College, actively supports equal opportunity, academic freedom, open access, and high academic standards.

The philosophic approach to the curriculum of the Department of Nursing is the Neuman Systems Model, which utilizes General Systems Theory. The model is based upon Neuman’s view that the nurse, client, or both in the holistic system are continually reacting to internal and external environmental stressor influences. The major concern for nursing is in keeping the client system stable through accuracy both in assessing the effects and possible effects of environmental stressors and in assisting client adjustments required for an optimal wellness level. Nursing actions are initiated to best retain, attain, and maintain optimal client health or wellness, using three preventions as interventions to keep the system stable. In keeping the system stable, the nurse creates a linkage among the client, the environment, health and nursing.

Consistent with faculty belief and basic to these concepts, the individual is a bio-psycho-social and spiritual being; an open system in constant interaction with the environment which attempts to maintain a state of equilibrium by adjusting to the environment or adjusting the environment to the individual. Through a process of interaction and adjustment, the individual maintains varying degrees of harmony and balance between the internal and external environment. Each individual maintains an internal set of resistance factors, which attempt to stabilize and return to the normal line of defense should a stressor become evident.

The nursing faculty believes that the purpose of nursing is to assist individuals or families to achieve and maintain a state of equilibrium and a maximum level of wellness utilizing the nursing process as a problem-solving approach. The nursing profession is a health-oriented discipline which must be guided by the needs of the society it serves.

The educational process used in the nursing curriculum prepares adults to be responsible for personal attainment of objectives at mastery level through the use of pedagogical methods, which address a variety of learning styles. Faculty believes that given appropriate time, instruction, feedback, and practice, mastery will be achieved.

The graduates of Mt. San Antonio College's Associate Degree Nursing Program are competent nurse generalists who have a sound knowledge of the nursing process and related sciences. They have been exposed to technology and informatics and actively operate computers in the classroom to conduct information searches and research via the Internet. In the clinical setting, computers are used for data input, reports and documentation. Graduates possess the clinical skills required to function as registered nurses. As members of health care teams, Mt. SAC graduates are prepared to work with others and take responsibility for their own actions.