5 Professors Granted Tenure

 Five probationary faculty members were granted tenure recently. They are Dr. Damany Fisher (History and Art History Dept.); Michael Hood (Earth Sciences & Astronomy); Sam Nassar (Counseling); Kelly Sherwood (Medical Services); and Dr. Curtis Simon (Geography & Political Science).

The evaluation process is rather rigorous, coordinated by an evaluation team for each professor composed of at least two tenured faculty members and one administrator. The team completes a summary evaluation report of the probationary professor’s performance, based on information gathered from classroom visitations, student evaluations, input from faculty peers, a review of a portfolio of materials used by the professor, and other sources deemed relevant by the evaluation team.

The team then recommends tenure to be granted, and that recommendation and all supporting documentation is reviewed by the VP of Instruction or VP of Student Services (counseling faculty) and the President. The President’s recommendation goes to the Board of Trustees for final approval.