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2. Your Professor uses Moodlerooms and makes the course "available" for you to access. See courses that are activated and "available" to access in Moodlerooms.

Summer 2014 - Courses Available to View in Moodlerooms

Your professor must activate the course and make it available before you can view it. Usually this happens on the first day of classes. Below is a list of classes that have been activated and available for students to view in Moodlerooms.

Accommodating Students with Disabilities in the Classroom - Summer 2014   ENGL-68-10296-Prep for Coll Writing
ADJU-2-11517-Justice Sys Prin/Pro   ENGL-68-10312-Prep for Coll Writing
AGHE-54-10150-Veterinary Office Procedures   ENGL-68-11440-Prep for Coll Writing
AHIS-1-10310-Undrstnd Visual Arts   ENGL-68-11648-Prep for Coll Writing
AHIS-1-10311-Undrstnd Visual Arts   ENGL-68-11651-Prep for Coll Writing
AHIS-1-10347-Undrstnd Visual Arts   FASH-62-11443-Retail Mgmt/Merchandising
ANAT-10A-10141-Intro Human Anatomy   FASH-63-11444-Fashion Promotion
ANAT-10A-10166-Intro Human Anatomy   FRCH-1-11720-Elementary French
ANAT-10A-11462-Intro Human Anatomy   GEOG-1-10313-Physical Geography
ANAT-10B-11463-Intro Human Physiology   GEOG-1-10336-Physical Geography
ANAT-36-10144-Human Physiology   GEOG-1-11439-Physical Geography
ARTC-100-11337-Graphic Design I   GEOG-2-10314-Human Geography
ASTR-5-12104-Intro to Astronomy   GEOG-2-10315-Human Geography
ASTR-5-12105-Intro to Astronomy   GEOL-8-12111-Earth Science
ASTR-5-12107-Intro to Astronomy   HRM-51-11450-Intro to Hospitality
ASTR-5L-12108-Astro Observing Lab   HRM-51-11497-Intro to Hospitality
ASTR-5L-12109-Astro Observing Lab   HRM-52-10406-Food Safety/Sanitation
ASTR-7-12106-Geology of Planets   HRM-57-10407-Hospitality Cost Control
BIOL-1-10146-General Biology   HRM-66-10408-Hospitality Law
BIOL-20-11466-Marine Biology   JOUR-100-10309-Mass Communications
BS-LRN01-12693-Short-Term Review   JOUR-100-10352-Mass Communications
BUSA-11-10364-Fund. of Accounting   KIN-34-11543-Fitness for Living
BUSA-68-10365-Business Mathematics   KINF-38-11532-Aerobics
BUSA-7-10363-Princ of Acct-Financial   LERN-49-11360-Math Skills Review
BUSA-72-11426-Bookkeeping--Accounting   LERN-49-11362-Math Skills Review
BUSA-8-11425-Princ of Acct-Managerial   LERN-49-11365-Math Skills Review
BUSC-1A-10384-Prin of Econ-Macro   MATH-130-10128-College Algebra
BUSC-1A-11427-Prin of Econ-Macro   MATH-51-10103-Elementary Algebra
BUSC-1A-11702-Prin of Econ-Macro   MENT-58D-10184-Med-Surg and Pharm for PT
BUSC-1B-10385-Prin of Econ. -Microecon.   MICR-26-12405-Immunology
BUSC-1B-10386-Prin of Econ. -Microecon.   NF-25-10402-Essentials of Nutrition
BUSC-1B-12569-Prin of Econ. -Microecon.   NF-25-10403-Essentials of Nutrition
BUSL-19-10371-Advanced Business Law   NF-25-11445-Essentials of Nutrition
BUSL-19-10422-Advanced Business Law   NF-25-11634-Essentials of Nutrition
BUSM-20-10366-Principles of Business   NURS-70-10210-Role Transition
BUSM-51-10367-Principles of Int'l Business   NURS-70-10211-Role Transition
BUSM-61-10368-Business Organization/Mgt   PHIL-12-10228-Ethics
BUSM-66-10369-Small Business Management   PHIL-12-10323-Ethics
BUSR-50-10387-Real Estate Principles   PHIL-15-10229-Major World Religions
BUSR-50-11540-Real Estate Principles   PHIL-15-10324-Major World Religions
BUSS-36-10388-Principles of Marketing   PHIL-3-10316-Logic in Practice
CHEM-10-10158-Chemistry-Allied Health   PHIL-3-10317-Logic in Practice
CHLD-10-10377-Child Growth &Develop   PHIL-5-10318-Intro to Philosophy
CHLD-10-12406-Child Growth &Develop   PHIL-5-10319-Intro to Philosophy
CHLD-5-10380-Prin & Prac - CD Programs   PHIL-8-10320-Critical Thinking
CISB-11-10411-Computer Info Systems   POLI-1-10237-Political Science
CISB-11-10412-Computer Info Systems   POLI-1-11491-Political Science
CISB-11-10414-Computer Info Systems   POLI-1-12536-Political Science
CISB-11-11552-Computer Info Systems   POLI-1H-11492-Political Science - Honors
CISB-15-10415-Microcomputer Application   PSYC-19-11719-Abnormal Psychology
CISB-15-10416-Microcomputer Application   PSYC-1A-10326-Intro to Psychology
CISB-15-10418-Microcomputer Application   PSYC-1A-10327-Intro to Psychology
CISB-15-12404-Microcomputer Application   PSYC-1A-10328-Intro to Psychology
CISB-21-11554-Microsoft Excel   PSYC-1A-11441-Intro to Psychology
CISB-51-11558-Microsoft PowerPoint   PSYC-1A-11442-Intro to Psychology
CISP-31-10419-Programming in C++   PSYC-1A-12567-Intro to Psychology
CISP-31L-10420-Programming in C++ Lab   PSYC-1AH-11717-Intro Psychology-Honors
COUN-5-11312-Career-Life Planning   PSYC-3-11718-Research Methods in Psychology
COUN-5-11313-Career-Life Planning   READ-80-11373-Developing Reading Comp
EMT-90-12451-Intro EMS Sys   SIGN-101-10246-ASL 1
ENGL-1A-10262-Freshman Composition   SOC-1-10329-Sociology
ENGL-1A-10269-Freshman Composition   SOC-1-10330-Sociology
ENGL-1A-12565-Freshman Composition   SOC-1-12517-Sociology
ENGL-1AH-10353-Freshman Composition-Honors   SOC-20-10252-Sociology/Ethnic Relation
ENGL-1C-11437-Critical Thinking and Writing   SOC-2-11417-Contemp Soc Problems
ENGL-1C-11438-Critical Thinking and Writing   SOC-5-10333-Introduction to Criminology
ENGL-1C-11664-Critical Thinking and Writing   SPCH-1A-10276-Public Speaking
ENGL-67-10300-Writing Fundamentals   SPCH-1A-10281-Public Speaking
ENGL-67-10348-Writing Fundamentals    
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