Paramedic Program Faculty 

Primary contact for Program Information is Yen Hang at  909.274.4963

Dr. Nedra Vincent, MD, FACEP

Medical Director, Principal Instructor

Tina Ziolkowski, RN, MSHS-HPE, CEN, CFRN, CCRN, NREMT 

Department Co-Chair, Program Director, Principal Instructor, EMT and Paramedic

Kelly Sherwood, RN, BSN, MICN, NRP

Co-Chair, Clinical Coordinator, Principal Instructor - EMT and Paramedic 

David Mah, NRP, MEd - Principal Instructor

Stephen Williams, RN, MEd - Principal Instructor, Program Director Emeritus

Chief John Penido (Ret.), NRP, MPA, BA

Principal Instructor

Gail Dodge, RN, MA, MICN
 Principal Instructor
Andrew Kreglow, NRP
  Principal Instructor
Kevin Norris, RN, MICN, NREMT
 Principal Instructor
Melanie Munns, RN, MSN, MICN, CEN 

  Principal Instructor

David Riggs, NRP, MA
 Principal Instructor
William Rodriguez, NRP 

Field Coordinator, Principal Instructor 

Karl Van Allen, RN, MICNPrincipal Instructor