Associate in Science in EMS

Mt.SAC offers an A.S. in EMS to enhance your career path.  In the U.S., Kansas and Texas are following the lead of the global EMS community in requiring degrees as part of paramedic licensure. Degrees are expected in EMS; typically, paramedics are prepared at the Master's degree levels in most other areas of the world.  As more paramedics are realizing other career options abroad, this global view is necessary to realize your full professional potential.

In some states, the A.S. degree is the minimum for application to a job as a Paramedic. Why not take advantage of this opportunity as a part of your training? A successful EMS professional is always forward-thinking and preparing for any option. Preparing for job competition begins with the acquisition of certificates, degrees and professional certifications (Critical-Care Paramedic, etc.).

We also offer this degree option for those who have attended institutions that do not offer a degree option but still possess a current CA Paramedic license.

For further information on our EMS degree, please e-mail Cynthia Burnett in Counseling at: