Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic

Paramedic Courses

EMS 1 – Contains assessment and review of EMT-Basic and math knowledge in addition to basic drug calculations review.

** It is a REQUIREMENT that candidates have mastered basic EMT knowledge and “long-hand”(no calculator use) math proficiency prior to arrival in EMS 1 pre-course. 

** Self-assessment of your EMT knowledge and appropriate study in deficient knowledge areas is required prior to Pre-Course entrance. National Registry prep test bank books are available through various book stores of your choosing, such as the Sac BookRac or Day 'N' Nite Copy and including online sources such as Amazon.com. You must achieve at least 80% proficiency in all subject areas of the test prep books to expect success in EMS 1.

The primary reason that students do not succeed in EMS 1 is that they do not study according to the directions provided in the Study Packet provided upon application to the program.  Please see the FAQ below (#10) for student suggestions for success.


Required study text for drug calculation:

Calculation of Drug Dosages, 9th Ed.  Sheila Ogden 

** While we have no Anatomy and Physiology pre-requisite, gross anatomy and body system physiology knowledge is necessary for success. Our required A&P text is: AAOS text:  Anatomy and Physiology - Paramedic, by Elling.

  EMS 10 – Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedics    

  EMS 20 – Emergency Cardiac Care for Paramedics 

  EMS 30 – Pharmacology for Paramedics 

  EMS 40 - Cardiology for Paramedics 

  EMS 50 – Paramedic Skills Competency 

  EMS 60 – EMS Theory for Paramedics 

( **Note – EMS 10 – 60 are corequisites) 

  EMS 70 – Paramedic Clinical Internship 

  EMS 80 – Paramedic Field Externship 

  Please see the information packet for the Paramedic program at the following link  

(**fees are subject to change**) 

FINANCIAL AID is available and should be established BEFORE beginning EMS-1.