Mathematics and Computer Science Lab

computer lab






The Math Computer Lab has computers equipped with course-related software programs for math and computer science students. Lab staff are available to help students with questions and problems on software operation. The lab computers run Windows 7. 

The following software programs are installed on the lab PCs:

  • General
    • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Mathematics
    • GSP SketchPad 4.06
    • Maple 18
    • Minitab 17
    • Statcato
    • Maxima
    • Graphmatica
  • Computer Science
    • Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2012
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
    • Borland Turbo C++ 4.5
    • Java IDE Eclipse Classic 4.3.2
    • Netbeans IDE 
    • Textpad
    • Raptor

Students can print for no charge any material directly related to the Mt. SAC Math or Computer Sciences courses in which they are currently enrolled.  Other printing is not allowed.