Copy, Print, and Scan

When it comes to copying, printing, and scanning, you have several options at the Library. 

To copy or print, use credit card or cash
  • black & white = 10 cents per page
  • color = 25 cents per page



copier room


Print from a library computer
  • Send your print job, and enter your student ID in the pop-up window
  • Then go to a print station, enter your ID, and pay
Print with USB Drive

At the two printers in front of the Information Desk, you can plug it in and print directly from your USB drive. All files must be in .pdf format.

Print from your own device
  • Follow the instruction to print from your Internet connected device 
  • Then go to a print station, enter your ID, and pay


Scanning to USB
  • Scanning to USB = 5 cents per side at the two machines in front of the Information Desk
  • Scanning is free at the Learning Lab. Student ID is required

usb compatible printer/scanner

Two printers in front of the 
Information Desk.  

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