Library Services

The Library has over 42 computers with Office 2013 installed for use by Mt.SAC students.

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  • Group Study Rooms - available via self-service online reservation system.
    Students may use the self-service system (click here) to reserve group study rooms.  You may now schedule up to 4 hours at the same time.
    BRING YOUR PRINTED COPY OF YOUR RESERVATION - rooms are given to whomever has their proof of reservation*
  • NOTE: If you have changed your email address in the PORTAL, you might not get confirmation, which you need - check your email address!


  • Group Study Room reservations must be TWO people or more.
  • You may make 4 reservations per day, up to 4 weeks in advance
  • YOU MUST USE YOUR OFFICIAL MtSAC Student Email address
    - for example:  <---
  • If you are uncertain of your Mt.SAC Student email address, check IN THE PORTAL!
  • All walk-ins must input a reservation in the system
  • Bring confirmation of your reservation RECEIVED IN YOUR EMAIL to the Library

The Mt. SAC Library has 15 Group Study Rooms.

 Click here to display and find the Group Study Room locations on the Library map.

If there are questions or concerns, please go to the reference librarian at the Information/Reference Desk or (909) 274-4289

Circulation | Periodicals | Reference | Reserves

  • Circulation - x4260 or 909 274 4260 - NOTE: Reserves has been combined with the Circulation Desk
  • Check Out Books, Media and Other Items
    • Circulating books check out for 21 days and circulating DVDs/ CDs/ "Playaway" bookpacks check out for 7 days.  Borrowers may check out a maximum of 10 items.
      The Library does not purchase current semester textbooks to place in the circulating collection.   To borrow material, you must have your Mt. SAC student ID.
    IEALC cards allow Mt. SAC students to use other participating libraries. A complete listing of the nineteen participating libraries is available by clicking here. You must present your valid Mt. SAC student ID and the IELAC card issued by our Circulation Department.

    Mt. SAC students are also permitted to borrow books from the Cal Poly Pomona University Library. For guidelines about this service, read our Mutual Lending Agreement.
  • Return library material
    Return via two available book drops - the front wall next to the Library entrance and the information booth of Pay Lot B (near Grand Avenue). NOTE: These are available 24 hours, 7 days a week - even on holidays!

Circulation | Periodicals | Reference | Reserves

  • Periodicals - x4793 or 909 274 4793
  • Find Periodical Literature in Print and Online
    The library subscribes to newspapers, magazines, and journals.
    In the Periodicals Room, you will find periodicals in print and on microfilm.
  • Make Copies
    All periodicals must stay in the library.
    Photocopy machines and printers are available to copy/print articles.
    It costs $0.08 to photocopy/print one page if using a print card; $0.10 per page if using cash.
    It costs $0.20 to print from a microfilm machine if using a print card; $0.25 per page if using cash.

Circulation | Periodicals | Reference | Reserves

  • Reference - x4289 or 909 274 4289
  • Visit the Information Desk
    The Information Desk is staffed all of the hours that the library is open.
    Librarians will help students, staff, and faculty with research needs via the library catalog, article databases, and the Internet.
  • Make Copies (including scanning)
    The Copier Room is found near the Information Desk.
    Black & White copies costs $0.08 to photocopy one page if using a print card; $0.10 per page if using cash.
      • Color copies cost $0.25 each regardless of payment source. Copy cards are available for purchase in the Copier Room.
      • Credit cards are also accepted at designated locations. A larger fixed amount is set against the card, but only the actual amount needed will be charged.
      • The library has two scanning devices that can scan directly to a USB drive. The devices are near the front of the library. The cost is $.05 per page scanned.
  • Make Computer Printouts
    Computer printers are available behind the Information Desk.
    You must purchase a copy card in order to print from the computers. Copies are $0.08 per page. Color copies cost $0.25 each.
      • Purchase copy cards in the Copier Room. The cost is $1.00 and there is a one-time fee of $0.50 for this card. (You will have $0.50 worth of copies.) When needed, you may add more value to your card for no additional fee at the boxes in front of each of the copy machines in room 223. Ask at the Information/Reference Desk if you need assistance or have questions.
      • Credit cards are also accepted at designated locations. A larger fix amount is set against the card, but only the actual amount needed will be charged.

Circulation | Periodicals | Reference | Reserves

  • Reserves - x4292 or 909 274 4292 - NOTE: Reserves has been combined with the Circulation Desk
  • Find Course Materials
    Check out articles and books that professors have required for courses.
    You may use Reserve materials for two hours in the library only.
    To borrow Reserve items, you must have your Mt. SAC student ID.
  • Place Course Materials on Reserve
    Instructors may place materials on Reserve for use by students in the following ways:
      • Bring items into the Library Circulation Desk during open hours, or
      • Send items through inter-campus mail to the Library, or
      • Place items into the Library book drop.
  • Each item to be placed on Reserve must be accompanied by a Reserves Form, which is in writeable PDF format.  This form may be filled out online and saved for your records.

    The library does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged personal copies and does not bill students for their replacement costs.  Under California law, and in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association, student confidentiality will be maintained. The library may contact the student to get the item returned sooner.

Mt. SAC Library strives to make our online resources accessible to everyone. We specifically consider design features that make our web pages accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those using assistive technology for computer access. If you find a library page or database inaccessible to you, please contact Hong Guo at (909) 274-6490 or Mt. SAC Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSP&S) at (909) 274-4290. Last Modified: 11/6/16