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Bailey SmithWelcome to the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) at Mt. San Antonio College. The LAC gives students a personal approach to academic success. We offer tutorial services, up-to-date technology, and courses designed around research on teaching and learning. The department also has campus-wide partnerships to support learning communities.

The LAC offers a comprehensive set of developmental classes that include pre-collegiate courses in reading, writing, math, and study techniques as well as transfer level courses in Critical Reading and Advanced Study Techniques. An independent study course is available for students and community members to help review academic skills. Along with classes, the Learning Assistance Resource Center (LARC) is a place for students to complete assignments and get help from tutors. Information about study strategies can be found here.

In addition to departmental courses, the LAC houses Tutorial Services. Students have a variety of options for tutoring, to fit their busy schedules: Individual and small group tutoring are available on a drop-in basis or by appointment. With support of the campus faculty, Tutorial Services coordinates a Supplemental Instruction program that helps students succeed in their courses through additional study sessions. All Tutorial Services programs strive to help students become independent, engaged learners.

The Learning Lab, our computer center, gives students access to the technology they need for classes: standard software for completing assignments, internet capability, scanners, printers, and course-specific software. Both PC's and Mac's are available, as well as technical assistance.

Testing Services is an area for students to take make-up exams or tests for distance learning classes. Faculty can drop off exams for students and students taking tests are monitored by LAC staff to ensure academic integrity and a quiet environment.

Please visit the Learning Assistance Center and find out how we can help you succeed!

--Bailey Smith, Director

Bldg 6

Department Philosophy

The LAC believes in a research-based, holistic approach to scaffolding students to independent learning through engagement in reflection, critical thinking, technology, and discovery within a safe, supportive student-centered environment.


Mission Statement

The Learning Assistance Center’s mission is to

  • provide a varied and supportive learning environment, through use of resources and instruction
  • assist and encourage students in the transition to successful academic and personal growth necessary for independent learning.



  • Discovery
  • Engagement
  • Student-centered
  • Scaffolding of instruction
  • Reflection
  • Independent learning
  • Safe and supportive environment

LAC group photo

Learning Assistance Center 
Welcome to the Learning Assistance Center Please read the following for area guidelines and expectations                    


  • Have your Mt. SAC ID and the materials for your assignment

  • Follow the Mt. SAC Standards of Conduct Policy, which can be found in the Schedule of Classes and the college catalog



  • Help us keep all areas quiet and focused on learning

  • Respect others, and respect any materials and equipment provided to you

  • Understand that the LAC is not responsible for damage to storage devices, loss of data, and/or personal belongings



All food and drink stay outside of the LAC



 The time for tutoring or technical assistance is necessarily limited  - thank you for understanding!