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Information Technology

Information Technology
Mt. SAC Data Center

Information Technology

Mt. SAC Data Center

Information Technology


Information Security Standard Practices

Highlights from the Policy Documents

  • The College has the right to inspect, monitor, or disclose electronic communications without prior notice and without consent.
  • Electronic communications that utilize College equipment, whether or not created or stored on College equipment, may constitute a College record subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act or other laws, or as a result of litigation.
  • Listening to Internet Radio or watching video clips over the network puts excessive strain on college resources. Extensive use of these features can have a detrimental impact on campus wide productivity.
  • Installing software on your office computer, that you have purchased and installed at home may be a violation of copyright laws.
  • Personal software installed on campus computers may be removed by IET personnel if the software impairs the operation of your computer or other campus computing devices, violates college policies, or violates state or federal law (these examples are not all inclusive).
  • Copyright infringement occurs whenever you make or distribute a copy of a copyrighted work - songs, videos, software, cartoons, photographs, stories, novels - without authorization from the copyright owner. Infringement can also occur when one person purchases an authorized copy, but allows others to reproduce additional ("pirated") copies. For example, if a student purchases a CD and creates an MP3 copy on his or her hard drive, and then uses a P2P network to share that MP3 copy with others, both the student and those making copies from the P2P network are infringing the copyright owners' rights and violating federal copyright law.
  • That sharing music, videos, software, and other copyrighted material over P2P networks can expose you and those with whom you share files to legal action as well as sanctions under Mt. SAC's policy.
  • Did you know that if you even suspect that confidential electronic student data under your control is accessed by an unauthorized party that you are required to notify all the individuals whose information mayhave been compromised?
  • Not all of you know what is meant by the term file sharing but most of you will recognize the name Napster and recall that it has something to do with free music shared over the Internet. Did you know that KaZaA is the new Napster and it is wreaking so much havoc within the entertainment industry that their attorneys are filing lawsuits against individuals and organizations that have KaZaA installed and sharing files via their systems? The music industry claims their gross revenue has decreased by as much as one third as a result of this illegal file sharing activity. That equates to billions of dollars in lost sales so you can understand why its a really big deal to them.
  • We all know that having to change passwords all the time is a pain but Did you know that if a MtSAC system or network is compromised and in-turn used to compromise another system that MtSAC could be held liable for losses incurred by the owners of that other system?

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