Associate Science Degree — Commercial Flight

How to Get Started

New students should enroll in these courses during their first semester
  • AERO 100 (AERO 23) Primary Pilot Ground School 4 units
  • AERO 102 (AERO 26) Aviation Weather 3 units
  • AERO 104 (AERO 29 Federal Aviation Regulations 2 units

Along with these classes, students also need to complete their general education degree requirements. A full-time student is typically enrolled in 15 units per semester, so you still have room for 6 units of general education subjects. Save the more advanced aeronautics courses for your future semesters, and get a solid start on these general education requirements.

If you have A.S. degree ambitions but simply want to earn your private pilot certificate, only AERO 100 is required. However, AERO 102 and AERO 104 provide valuable supplements to the AERO 100 material and should be taken concurrently if your schedule permits. If you want to start flying in your first semester, there will be opportunities to apply for admission to the Flight Training Association in the first two weeks of each semester. Our college operates six training aircraft at Brackett Airport in a flight training program structured in conjunction with AERO 100. Admission to the Flight Training Association is competitive. Only students enrolled in credit courses at Mt SAC may fly our aircraft, and your eligibility ceases when you finish attending classes at Mt SAC.

Initial courses are sequenced so that students may begin this program in either the Fall or Spring semester. Although this program is primarily designed to be completed by attending day classes, courses are rotated through the evening schedule.