Mt. SAC TEST:UP Program

  • What is TEST: UP?

Talent Expansion in Science and Technology: an Urban Partnership (TEST: UP)

This National Science Foundation Grant links California State University, Fullerton with Mt. San Antonio College and Santa Ana College together in activities and initiatives that will produce more science, technology, engineering and math transfers to four-year institutions. You can be a part of it by joining in the activities and events happening now at Mt. SAC!

  • Mentoring

Mentoring is available at Mt. SAC for STEM Students! Speak with faculties who have already made the journey into graduate education in your field. They will be able to "tell it like it is" and give you a picture of the career options open to you as a Mt. SAC STEM graduate.

E-mail Oscar Flores  , if you are interested in participating in the Mentoring Program.

  • Book Scholarship

The goal of the TEST: UP program is to provide advisement and guidance to Mt. San Antonio College students with career and educational goals in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The program is designed to make students aware of support programs and resources on campus and to ensure that they are receiving the proper guidance for successful transfer to a four-year university. The TEST: UP STEM Scholars portfolio will assist you in preparing to transfer to a new institution by making sure you are prepared and aware of various opportunities available to you and you will also receive a $100 book scholarship for your participation in TEST: UP and completion of the STEM Scholars portfolio. To print a list of the STEM Scholars portfolio requirements,

Click Here to Download the STEM Application


  • Counseling

For specific STEM counseling contact Oscar Flores at (909) 594-5611, Ext. 6439 or email him at Oscar would be glad if you visit him in his office also! Come to his office, Building 61 room 3316A.  Oscar will help you look at what courses you will need to transfer or complete an AA or certificate in a STEM field.


  • Cal State Fullerton STEM Transfer Coordinator

To receive information about transferring to Cal State Fullerton in Biology, Biochemistry/Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering, programs at Cal State Fullerton email Cathy Fernandez-Weston or reach her by phone at 657-278-3769. Cathy is the STEM Transfer Student Services Coordinator for Cal State Fullerton.
For additional information about Cal State Fullerton’s STEM academic program, please visit:

            -College of Natural Sciences Mathematics

            -College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) Workshops

Introductory college courses in science and math can be challenging. SI is a learning enhancement program. SI is designed to organize and improve the ways in which you prepare for class outside of class-time. SI may be attached to your class section. These workshops will provide you with a systematic and disciplined approach for processing the subject material assigned by the professor. Supplemental instruction sessions are not remedial and are open to every student in your class. Ask your instructor if there is a SI workshop for your class.

If you are looking for a place to study, join TEST: UP in   Building 61 room 3316!


  • Contact Information

List Serve

To receive information about STEM events, research and scholarship opportunities, join our list serve.

Please email Oscar Flores  with your name, e-mail, and major.

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The Division of Natural Sciences
Phone: 909-594-5611, Ext.4425
Location:  Building 61 room
Dean: Larry Redinger


TEST: UP Mt. San Antonio College  

Oscar Flores, STEM Counselor
Location: Building 61 room 3316A
(909) 594-5611, Ext. 6439


STEM Transfer Student Services, CSUF
Cathy Fernandez-Weston
Email Cathy
(657) 278-3769