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Animal production for food, fiber, recreation, and companionship is one of the leading areas of California's agricultural economy. As the human population continues to increase throughout the world, agricultural related jobs are on the rise. Not only are people concerned with the care of domestic animals, but the need to care for and raise food producing commodities in increasing.
This increasing demand for the products of agriculture also means a growing demand for qualified people in the agriculture industry. Almost 10% of today's professional jobs in agriculture go unfilled because there are more jobs available than there are people prepared for them. Agriculture is changing rapidly, requiring more employees with more advanced skills than ever before. It is an exciting, challenging, and dynamic field in which to work.
At Mt. SAC, you have an opportunity to learn about one exciting facet of agriculture, the animal science industry. Courses are offered in the career fields of Veterinary Technology, Pet Science, Livestock Management and Horse Ranch Management.

Upcoming Events:

  • Farm Day May 4, 9-3
  • Ag Banquet June 1