Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment Definitions & Principles


Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) is a five step process that measures what a student knows, thinks, feels or does (outcomes) as given in the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Model (see diagram): Assessment of Administrative Unit Objectives (AUOs) is a 5 step process that measures what clients experience, receive, or understand as a result of a service as given in the AUOs assessment model (see diagram):

  1. Addressing the Mission and Goals
  2. Determining Outcomes and Objectives
  3. Identifying Means of Assessment and Criteria for Success
  4. Summarizing of Data Collected
  5. Using of Results

Assessment Principles:

  • Assessment is an integral part of learning.
  • Assessment embraces both external and self-evaluation.
  • Assessment is based on expert judgment of explicit criteria or standards which are observable and/or measurable.
  • Assessment can adapt to specific area needs.
  • Assessment occurs in multiple modes and contexts.
  • Assessment involves the examination of processes as well as products.
  • Assessment informs the campus community so as to improve learning, planning and decision-making.