Looking to communicate in REAL TIME with the Virtual Librarians?

Try below!
If the Virtual Librarians are not available, please feel free to email.


If you are on campus and cannot find the information you need, go first to the Information Desk in the Library. This desk is staffed all the hours the library is open with a professional Librarian. Librarians at this desk are waiting to help you with any part of the research process.

If your database searches are not successful, we have provided simple active tutorials.

If you still cannot find what you need, send us an email and we will try to help you.

Please note: the Virtual Librarian is a real person and is not available 24 hours a day

There will be times when your email may take a day or two to be answered. Please be patient!
Your email will be answered once the Virtual Librarian has found the answer to your question.

When writing:

Include your:

  • Name and official Mt.SAC email address.
  • Explain your information need with details.
  • Explain where you have looked already.
  • Explain how much information you need.

What we CANNOT respond to:

  • Homework questions your teacher expects you to research.
  • Entire research projects, except to tell you where to start.