NOTE: It is in violation of copyright law to copy any materials purchased by or created by Mt. San Antonio College or its employees without written permission - see AP 3750

The following guidelines are to help new and continuing faculty during departmental changes

  • Media Services has over 3,000 titles in video, DVD, and CD format. Most titles have been entered into the online library catalog and may be viewed at our home page from any computer connected to the Internet. You may view the Media Services’ collection by clicking on “library catalog” on the left side of the Library home page. On the following page, click on “Media Services” in the drop down menu to receive information concerning materials held in the Media Services’ collection.

    Recent purchases of media materials may be found by clicking on the blue tab at the top of the same page marked “Info Desk.” Next, by clicking on “New Videos and DVDs,” a listing of titles catalogued in the previous six months will appear. After six months, these materials may be viewed by following the directions for viewing any Media Services’ materials.

    • To expedite the check-out process, we recommend you bring your faculty ID. We also require that your personal information be up-to-date in our database.
    • There is a one-week check-out period for materials, with a one-week extension if needed. We cannot extend materials that are overdue. Please call for extensions on or before the due date at ext. 4270 or 909-274-4270.
    • Two items may be checked out per person by phone or at the counter. A total of five items may be checked out if booked in advance.
    • Students cannot pick up materials for faculty without a written note from the instructor.
    • Departments may check out materials for two weeks with a one-week extension.
    • For your convenience, you may also access the Materials Order Form on the Library home page by following the link to Media Services.
  • MATERIALS RETURN - You may return materials in the outside book drop in the wall next to the entrance doors to the Library, or in the book drop by the Information Kiosk near the College entrance off Grand Avenue. The book drops are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, weekends, and semester breaks.

  • ON RESERVE - You may place any video, DVD, or CD from your personal collection or any of the Media Services collection on reserve for your students to view. Your materials never leave the Library. You can drop them off and pick them up any time during Library hours. Media Services' materials cannot be placed on reserve for longer than two weeks. CDROMs cannot be put on reserve because Media Services does not have computers for student viewing. Please see the Learning Lab on the first floor of the Learning Technology Center for information on CDROMs.

  • ORDERING VIDEOS, CDS, OR DVDS FOR PURCHASE - Media Services has a limited budget for purchasing new materials. If we currently own several titles on a subject you need, it is less likely another purchase will be made. Please check our online library catalog on our home page:, for material that could meet your requirements. The online library catalog may be viewed on campus or from your home. If there are no titles covering your subject, please e-mail your requests to Deb Distante ( Be aware that closed captioned DVDs have priority over non-captioned titles. Having a title and distributor will expedite your request; however, Deb will research materials for you, if needed. Updating our collection with appropriate materials is an ongoing process, and we appreciate your input. If you have viewed materials that we already have on your subject but feel that they do not meet your needs, e-mail Deb at the above e-mail address or call her at ext. 4285 (from off campus: 909 274 4285).

  • STUDENT PRESENTATIONS –We are aware that more students want to use videos and DVDs in classroom presentations. Most of our materials are quite expensive. For that reason, we request that you pick up and return the titles that your students require. Videos or DVDs are checked out in your name and will be considered your responsibility.

  • CLOSED CAPTIONING - Media Services is working with D.S.P.& S. to ensure that all students have access to materials. If you discover that you have a deaf or hard-of-hearing student in your class and use videos or DVDs, please notify our department in advance to have materials closed captioned. Due to the variety in length and difficulty level in captioning videos, please allow enough time for this process. Several months per video or DVD is the current timeline. Due to budget constraints, we can only close caption College-owned materials.

  • EQUIPMENT - All audio-visual equipment is now handled in Presentation Services located on the first floor of the Learning Technology Center at Event Services (LTC-170).  The extension you would call for ordering or requesting help with equipment is now x4273 or 909-274-4273.

We welcome and encourage any suggestions for improving our services. We are always looking for better ways to assist faculty and students with their needs whenever possible.