I can't get into the Library's databases!

Failure to access one of the Mt. SAC Library Databases may occur for several reasons:

You are not typing your Student/Staff Username correctly. This is the same username you use to log into https://myportal.mtsac.edu (firstinitial+lastname+number if needed e.g. John Smith = jsmithxx)

  • You are not typing your Password correctly (If you have forgotten your password, click on “forget password?” on https://myportal.mtsac.edu)
  • If you can successfully log into https://myportal.mtsac.edu then you should be able to access the Mt.SAC Library databases. If you are still experiencing problems you will need to contact the Help Desk at 909 274 4357
  • After Help Desk hours, the reference/information desk may be able to help you out - x4289

Your browser may be blocking the authentication screen (you may need to call the Help Desk - or if they are not available, contact the Electronic Reference Librarian at x4258 to walk you through it) You may also try clicking HERE to enter manually.

You are using the new Internet Explorer browser, version 7 or above. You MUST allow cookies in order to access our databases as well as "Continue away - not recommended" if you get that error - if you require assistance, please contact the Electronic Reference Librarian at 909 274 4258.

You may wish to try a different browser such as:
(they are all free & work on the Mac or PC)