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Girl holding yellow pencilPhilosophy

Writing is a process(it involves prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing)

an understanding of the separate elements of the writing process
the knowledge and ability to use process tools effectively (e.g., brainstorming, clustering, outlining, criteria-based content and structure evaluations)
an understanding of basic grammar rules-not just as discrete sets of knowledge but, more importantly, as they are used holistically to make the articulation of thought more effective
the ability to use their knowledge of grammar to make their writing more effective
an understanding that writing is not simply "correcting" errors but a process that is the result of effective habits

Writing is recursive(the best way to learn how to write is to write, not simply practice discrete skills)

sufficient time to work on multiple drafts and pieces of their process, not just grammar exercises and sentence-level work

Writing is a thinking process(and academic writing almost always involves critical thinking-including but not limited to analysis, synthesis, and evaluation)

the knowledge and ability to recognize levels of thinking in writing
the ability to identify elements of coherence in their writing and revise their writing to make it more coherent
sufficient time to discover and control their thought processes in their writing

Effective writing is a product of effective self-monitoringof the writing process (including but not limited to the knowledge and use of metacognitive strategies)

an understanding of the importance of metacognitive processes and tools (self-evaluation, reflection, diagnosis)
the ability to develop and use effective self-monitoring strategies

LERN 81 - Improving Writing Skills

(3 Units) Pre-Collegiate | May be taken for Pass/No Pass only.

Offers assistance to students who wish to improve prewriting, writing, editing, and revising skills. Provides instruction in content and structure of sentences, paragraphs, and essays; emphasizes development in writing through integration of grammar and critical thinking.

• A readiness course designed to increase the student's mastery of basic writing skills.

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Boy floating with math symbolsPhilosophy

To provide students an environment to develop knowledge, skills and tools necessary to succeed in the mathematics found in academics as well as everyday life.

LERN 48 - Basic Math Skills Review

(3 Units) Pre-Collegiate | May be taken for Pass/No Pass only.

Essential math fundamentals: mulitplication tables, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing whole numbers and fractions. Emphasis on math learning strategies such as organization and math anxiety. Successful completers of this course are eligible for LERN 49.


LERN 49 - Math Skills Review

(3 Units) Pre-Collegiate | May be taken for Pass/No Pass only.

Prerequisite: LERN 48 or passing score on current placement test

Improves knowledge of basic math. Includes operations and applied problems in whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, and proportions. Covers math study strategies such as overcoming math anxiety. Successful completers are eligible for MATH 50.

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Boy magic bookPhilosophy

Reading is inquiring about, constructing, and evaluating one's own understanding of texts and real world issues. It is a natural, strategic process of interaction between readers, their context and text. Literate reading requires developing skills and strategies in reading. Strategic reading is dynamic and evolves through ongoing dialogue and experimentation. It is developmental in nature and varies with each reader and situation.

Instructional Philosophy

• Instructors trust students to make self-discoveries.
• Instructors create an environment that encourages students to value reading.
• Strategy, not skills or rhetorical modes, define what students need.
• Students are encouraged to reflect on their own learning.
• Students have the autonomy to create their own strategic approaches.


READ Course Diagram

READ 70 - Improving Reading Comprehension

(3 Units) Pre-Collegiate | May be taken for Pass/No Pass only.

Prerequisite: Satisfactory score on appropriate placement test.

Introduction to reading, comprehension and vocabulary strategies. Introduction to self-awareness if reading capabilities.

READ 80 - Developing Reading Comprehension

(3 Units) Pre-Collegiate | May be taken for Pass/No Pass only.

Prerequisite: READ 70 or satisfactory score on reading placement test

Further development of reading comprehension and vocabulary strategies including self-awareness of reading capabilities.

READ 90 - Preparing for College Reading

(3 Units) Pre-Collegiate | May be taken for option of letter grade or Pass/No Pass.

Prerequisite: READ 80 or satisfactory score on reading placement test

Prepares students for college textbook reading. Emphasizes understanding vocabulary and college level text analysis and comprehension.

READ 100 - Analysis and Critical Reading

(3 units) Degree Appropriate/CSU transferable

Prerequisite: READ 90 or satisfactory score on reading placement test

Effective use of critical reading in a cross-disciplinary framework. Emphasis on the development of critical reading skills of interpretation, analysis and evaluation of academic, business, and technology readings.

Student Resources

3 books

Student with A paperPhilosophy

Learning is a dynamic process of challenging one’s limits to change, grow and understand through discovery. It is an experience that involves every aspect of one’s mental, emotional, physical, and social being. Study Techniques courses introduce students to systematic models for learning how to learn that lead them to the realization of their desired learning outcomes.

STDY 80 - Foundations for Academic Success

(3 Units) Pre-Collegiate | May be taken for option of letter grade or Pass/No Pass.

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 67 and READ 80

College success course emphasizing academic achievement that promotes learning through self-awareness, time-management, listening, note-taking, oral and written communication, test-taking, memorization, and the use of campus resources using a brain-based perspective.

STDY 85A - Basic Overview of Strategies for Academic Success

(1 Unit) Degree Appropriate

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 67 and Eligibility for READ 80

Brain-based perspective emphasizing study techniques that include self-awareness, self-motivation, note-taking, test-taking, studying and learning strategies and learning preferences.

STDY 85C - Online Learning Success Skills

(1 Unit) Degree Appropriate

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 67 and Eligibility for READ 90

Introductory college success course overview for online learning using a brain-based perspective emphasizing success strategies designed to prepare students to take online classes and to introduce students to strategies for online learning.

STDY 100 - University-level Academic Success Strategies

(3 Units) Degree Appropriate, CSU

Advisory: Eligibility for ENGL 68 and Eligibility for READ 100

This course is designed to increase students’ success in their personal, professional, and academic lives. It is focused on providing a systematic approach to advanced self-awareness and learning strategies necessary for success in higher education as well as all other areas of a person’s life. The course also teaches critical thinking skills necessary for successful transfer/transition to four-year institutions or careers.