Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT)
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This is the SPOT for certification for online teaching! 

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This web site outlines the Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT) certification process for Mt. SAC faculty. In this process, a baseline of skills and pedagogy needed for effective online teaching will be demonstrated by each faculty member through the completion of several tasks in this certification process.

All instructors are required to complete the Skills and Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT) certification process in order to teach a Distance Learning (online or hybrid) course.  

The SPOT process at Mt. San Antonio College is conducted in Moodlerooms (starting Fall 2012). Those wishing to enroll in the SPOT process MUST have completed MR1 & MR2 workshops OR the MR Basics Online workshop (LMS training).

Prerequisites for SPOT:

How SPOT process works:
After registering for SPOT (both at POD registration and with SPOT facilitators), the following will occur:

  • You will be enrolled as a student in the  course "Skills & Pedagogy for Online Teaching (SPOT)"  - where you will read and submit all tasks

  • You will be enrolled as an instructor in your own personal  course with "CERT" in title - where you will create tasks and communicate with your SPOT verifier

  • A SPOT Faculty Verifier will be assigned to you for the duration of the SPOT process

  • You will independently read and perform many tasks to prepare you for teaching a Distance Learning course

  • Each task will be verified by your SPOT Faculty Verifier

    • Note: Faculty Verifiers are not required to verify during the intersessions. So, while you may still complete Tasks during the intersessions, your verifier may not start checking them until the regular semester starts back up.

  • When all tasks have be done, you will receive a SPOT certificate

How to Register for SPOT:
If you wish to become certified to teach a Distance Learning course, you have come to the right "spot".  To get started with SPOT, do these 2 steps:

  1. Register for SPOT on POD offering web page - go to the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) website, and click on the Workshop Calendar link on that page to open up the current workshop calendar. Look for the SPOT offering. It will usually be near the first or last day of the month. Click the link to register; you will be required to log in using your Mt. SAC login credentials.

    SPOT is an ongoing, self-paced course. The start and end date is up to you.

  2. Send an e-mail from your Mt SAC e-mail address to Sandra Weatherilt:

    • Include in the message:

      • Your FULL name

      • Your portal username

      • Your full Mt. SAC email address

      • Your department

      • Your employee "A" number (needed to verify status in Banner)

      • Please put the words "Please register me in SPOT" as the subject of the message

 After a few days you will receive a welcome e-mail message from your SPOT facilitator with instructions on how to get started with the SPOT process.

If you see errors anywhere in this web site, please contact Sandra Weatherilt at x6112. | Last Updated: Jul 8, 2015