EDC MINUTES for January 22, 2002 9D-5 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m


Members Attending



Dwight Ayle


Terri Beam


Mark Fernandez


Carol Craig


Michelle Grimes-Hillman


Margie High


Tom McFarland


Paul Kittle


Dick Ryerson


Linda Small


Kerry Stern




Vic Zamora


Reporting Programs


Robin Benedict


Lane Braver


Meghan Chen


Carolyn Inmon


Christine Tunstall


Jill Wilkerson







2002 Spring Semester

Kerry Stern gave the following update about the start of the spring semester:

1) two hybrid classes and one TV class had been cancelled, 2) the enrollment is good in all other classes, 3) online classes fill quickly while hybrid fill slower, and 4) problems have arisen with the number of mandatory meetings scheduled in the LTC during the first week of the semester.

Kerry will investigate the possibility of moving some of the mandatory meetings to the first weekend of the fall semester in the LTC and determine Sac Book Rac hours.

Hybrid Courses

It was noted that hybrid courses have lower enrollments, and there seems to be some confusion by the students regarding what is required for hybrid classes.

Description of hybrid courses in the class schedule may need to be changed. Before determining a marketing strategy, a survey will be conducted of online/hybrid students. Michelle Grimes-Hillman volunteered her classes for the survey.

DL Course Proposal Form and Course Development Guide

At the Curriculum & Instruction Council meeting in December 2001, suggestions were made for revisions to the course proposal form.

Kerry will take the revised form to the C&I Council meeting on February 12 for review. Once approved, Barbara Mezaki will take the form to the Academic Senate. The original form will continue to be used until final approval of the new form is received.

Course Management Systems

Terri Beam suggested a task group be created to study course management systems.

Kerry and Terri will meet initially and draft the purpose, tasks, meetings, timeline, and outcomes, send to the EDC, and then expand the group. Most work will be done online.

Academic Senate Planning Retreat

Terri, Michelle, and Vic Zamora attended the Academic Senate Planning retreat that was held on December 7, 2001.

Issues and ideas pertaining to Distance Learning that were discussed included a growth plan, support model, curriculum issues and evaluation, mentor relationships, standards, observation of teaching skills, creating a new committee to address technology in the classroom, online readiness exercise, and an annual list of newly approved Distance Learning courses.

Academic Senate Update

Terri announced that while the Distance Learning Moratorium is in effect, Academic Senate approved faculty bringing course proposals to the EDC for review and approval as they come in and holding them from the Mt. SAC Schedule of Classes until the moratorium is lifted so a backlog won’t be created.

Information only.

Course Approval

On January 15, 2002, Tamra Horton met with several members of the EDC and reviewed the hybrid course, ENGL 1C, Critical Thinking and Writing.

This course was going through the approval process prior to the Academic Senate Resolution 01-07, the Distance Learning Moratorium. Course was approved by the EDC for delivery in Fall 2002.

Intellectual Property

Terri reported that Deb Distante researched Board Policies on intellectual property for Community Colleges, Universities, and Board of Regents.

Terri gave the information to Barbara Mezaki and Ron Reel. Links to these board policies along with additional information may be viewed at: http://www.mtsac.edu/~ddistant/ip/sites.html


, Terri disseminated schedules of CVC workshops and EDC meetings for Spring 2002.

, Terri announced the early registration date (February 1st) for the TechEd02 Conference in Long Beach.

, Terri & Michelle are taking a CVC2 online course, "Putting Pedagogy First."

, This Spring semester Vic and Terri are offering the 6-week hybrid course, "Introduction to Online Learning."

, Meghan Chen reported that the State has determined there is no legal way to collect FTES for online tutoring.

, Paul Kittle, Dwight Ayle, and Carol Craig are revising the Distance Learning web pages to make them more user friendly. Dwight is making improvements to the faculty index.

Information only.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 12, 2002

12:30 - 2:00 p.m., 9D-5

cc: Curriculum & Instruction Council