EDC Minutes for January 25, 2000, 9D-5, 11:00 12:30 p.m.

Members attending:
Dwight Ayle Terri Beam Robin Benedict Lane Braver
Megan Chen Carol Craig Bob Farris Mark Fernendez
Angela Henderson Margie high Robert Ho Honors Rep.
Laurel Jones Tom McFarland Dick Ryerson Linda Small
Kerry Stern Chris Tunstall Glenn Vice Bruce Williams
Vic Zamora      
Guests: Jerry Nogy, Nana Sadamura
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
Tech Ed
Conference is March 26-29, 2001 at the Ontario Convention Center. Mt. SAC is the sponsoring school. Dale Vickers and Kerry Stern are program co-chairs. Pre-conference workshops will be held on March 25 in the Mt. SAC Learning Technology Center. Kerry is still looking for many volunteers. Dick Ryerson said volunteers will receive one day free registration for working one day at the conference. For further details, go to http://sdev.mtsac.edu/Classes/cal.asp and select activity sheet or call John Cordova at ext. 4504.
Grants Applications for two Technology Mini-Grants were distributed: Spring Mini-Grant #1 - Online Training Course; Spring Mini-Grant #2 - Faculty Web Mentor-Trainer(s).
No report.
Recommendation Kerry received clarification from the Educational Programs Council that recommendations may be made in the EDC minutes.
Recommendation: The Educational Delivery Committee recommends delivery of class schedules to households in the district.
Meetings The EDC meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. EDC reporting programs will meet with the committee on the 4th Thursday only. The following are the remaining full-group meetings for the 2001 Spring semester:
  • February 22
  • March 22
  • April 26.
Study Abroad: Robin Benedict reported that the program is in its 6th year and has had about 175 students and four instructors. This semester enrollment is low in the Work and Study in London Program. Beginning Spring semester, there will be year-round recruitment. Although they were not being able to do a mailing last summer, the problem has been solved and they will begin mailing now. Robin said they can take any students in the state, but they must be on our campus, for the work program, the first four weeks of school. They are looking to expand in other areas than business, and she noted that Ralph Spaulding will be teaching Western Civilization in Paris in the Summer Session. Students also went to Spain this semester.

Freshman Experience: Meghan Chen said many of their students are from the Summer. They are still developing the program, trying various ideas to determine what works best including educational Advisors going into classes, three intervention checkpoints on how students are doing, goal setting and short-term plans done at a student meeting, and student feedback forms. There are now five peer advisors, and there will be incentives and student recognitions.

DSP&S: Christine Tunstall stated that two faculty positions have been advertised, one of particular interest to the EDC is Professor, Instructional Specialist, Adaptive Technology. Assistive Technology should be available on 10% of the campus computers. Grace Hanson is looking at all physical TTYs on campus to see what needs to be done to make them accessible. Christine said the college catalog and class schedule need to be in PDF format in electronic form so they can be made available in Braille. Bill Eastham, Grace Hanson, and Kerry Stern are working on developing a plan to close caption the 5,000 videos in Media Services.

After School College: Robert Ho said his co-coordinator is Laurel Jones. A handbook will soon be printed and distributed to various off-campus locations to advertise the program. Now that classes are listed in the Class Schedule, enrollment is not a problem. Robert noted that these classes are additional sections of the on-campus classes.

Service Learning: In Lane Braver's absence, Robin reported that she is working with Lane on expanding the Study Abroad Program with Service Learning in Summer 2002. Robert Ho noted that although it didn't get in the class schedule, he offered and linked an architecture class this semester with Service Learning.

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