EDC MINUTES for October 23, 2001 9D-5 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Members Attending



Dwight Ayle


Terri Beam


Mark Fernandez


Carol Craig


Michelle Grimes-Hillman


Margie High


Tom McFarland


Paul Kittle


Dick Ryerson


Linda Small


Kerry Stern




Vic Zamora



Reporting Programs


Robin Benedict


Lane Braver


Meghan Chen


Carolyn Inmon


Christine Tunstall


Jill Wilkerson


Guest Attending: Mary Johnson







Mary Johnson, CIS instructor, may become a member of the EDC.

Terri Beam has asked the Academic Senate to appoint Mary to fill the vacant faculty position on the EDC.

Reporting Programs

Meghan Chen, Tutorial Services Coordinator, gave an overview of the Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Programs along with detailed handouts. In addition, she shared her priorities, her role as supervisor, and her concerns and challenges. She stated that one of her greatest challenges is having 60% reassigned time as the program coordinator.

Meghan explained how Tutorial Services interacts with other areas on campus and how to maximize using the tutors. She is planning a presentation on Professional Development Day on how to use the SIís. She noted that there are tutor training videos (one uses the Socratic method) available in Tutorial Services and that Dick Ryerson may be interested in these for Staff Development. Detailed information about Tutorial Services may be viewed at: http://ts.mtsac.edu.

Introduction to Online Learning

Terri and Vic Zamora have three weeks remaining for this class. Faculty taking the course are discovering that they had misperceptions regarding what it is like to take an online course.

A survey will be given to the participants at the conclusion of the course.

Draft Review

Two drafts were reviewed: Distance Learning Course Proposal form and Distance Learning Course Development Guide for Instructors and Departments.

Slight revisions were suggested, and approval was granted. The completed forms will be passed on to the CIC and EDC for their input/approval. Dick suggested an additional form be created to use as a faculty online readiness checklist or a skills inventory. Terri suggested a separate letter to Department Chairs each semester would decrease the problems that we have encountered with last minute changes of faculty teaching DL courses. She will bring a first draft of this letter to next meeting.

CVC Conference 2001

Terri and Kerry Stern attended the CVC Region 2 (Greater Los Angeles) Advisory Meeting on October 14 and the CVC Conference 2001 on October 15 in Huntington Beach. Conference topics and workshops related to online learning and higher education. Terri noted that a CVC 2 representative could come to the college and conduct a workshop on course management systems.

Terri will contact CVC2 about scheduling either an overview or a workshop on the use of course management systems. To view a "model" online course at CVC3, see http://www.cvc3.org. To obtain information about the MERLOT Project (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching), see www.merlot.org. To view a copy of the recommendations of DETAC (Distance Education Technical Advisory Committee from the Chancellorís Office), see Kerry Stern.

Action on Academic Senate Resolution

Terri stated that the Academic Senate Executive Board agreed that the Distance Learning courses, presented to Kerry prior to the A.S. resolution, be allowed to go for-ward. Classes approved to move forward are AERO 24, BUSO 2,

CIS 53, 54 & 64, COUN 5, and ENG 1C. It was agreed that clear guidelines are needed concerning what the EDC should do with courses that will be submitted in the future.

The EDC discussed possible scenarios for handling proposed online courses during the moratorium:


  1. Hold all course proposals and notify applicants that we are not reviewing courses at this time. Professors would be notified when the moratorium is lifted. We would then make an appointment with them at that time to review their course.

  3. Review the course proposals as they come in and either approve/deny. If approved, tell the applicant that the course is approved but will not be placed into the Mt. SAC schedule until the moratorium is lifted. The applicant would be notified when the moratorium is lifted to find out if they are ready to place the course in the upcoming schedule.

  5. Review the course proposals as they come and either approve/deny. If course is approved, inform the instructor of Senate Resolution 01-07. If the professor still wants to continue, ask for a sign-off from the Department acknowledging they are aware of the resolution. If Department supports the professorís request, the course is added to the schedule.


The EDC will forward a request to the Curriculum & Instruction Council asking for guidance in this matter. Kerry has already received one phone call from a department questioning whether the Academic Senate has the authority to stop additional classes if a Department wants to proceed.


A Distance Learning Hybrid Retreat II will be held in the Spring semester.

Michelle Grimes-Hillman will take a funding request for the retreat to the PDC.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 (Distance Learning)

12:30 - 2:00 p.m., 9D-5

cc: Curriculum & Instruction Council