EDC Minutes for March 22, 2001, 9D-5, 11:00 12:30 p.m.

Members attending:
Dwight Ayle Terri Beam Robin Benedict Lane Braver
Megan Chen Danny Cobbs Carol Craig Bob Farris
Mark Fernandez Angela Henderson Robert Ho Honors Rep.
Laurel Jones Tom McFarland Dick Ryerson Linda Small
Kerry Stern Christine Tunstall Glenn Vice Bruce Williams
Vic Zamora      
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
Danny Cobbs dcobbs300@yahoo.com , representative from the Associated Students, was welcomed to the Educational Delivery Committee. Christine Tunstall has replaced Julie Bradley on the EDC.
Comments from those who attended the retreat included: concept of retreat was excellent; timing was good; sessions were effective; universal issues became apparent from sessions; using Web board for online discussions worked well; liked face-to-face contact after participating in online discussions. The information gathered from the retreat is being compiled into a report and will be sent to the Academic Senate after review by the EDC.
Terri Beam reported that the Academic Senate is writing a position paper on Distance Learning. The EDC nominated Carol Craig as Faculty of the Month for her superb support of the Hybrid Retreat. Terri will take the nomination to the Academic Senate.
The online report form was demonstrated and discussed. This report is the replacement for Program Review for the alternative learning programs that report to the EDC. It can be submitted online and is due by the end of August 2001. It may be viewed at: http://vclass.mtsac.edu/edc/reports/rpt.asp .
Summer Bridge: Meghan Chen distributed the new brochure that gives an overview of the Bridge Program and the Freshman Experience. She also shared the upcoming events and announced that the Bridge Program would be one of the topics included in the Learning Communities Seminar.
DSPS: Christine Tunstall reported that a new full-time faculty member is being hired in Assistive Technology.
Dwight Ayle, Terri Beam, Linda Small, Kerry Stern, Christine Tunstall, and Vic Zamora will be attending and/or volunteering at the conference.
The EDC evaluated the committee's structure and function to complete the Annual Governance Review.

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