EDC Minutes for Aug 14, 2001, 9D-5, 12:30 2:00 p.m.

Members attending:
Dwight Ayle Terri Beam Robin Benedict Lane Braver
Megan Chen Danny Cobbs Carol Craig Bob Farris
Mark Fernandez Angela Henderson Robert Ho Honors Rep.
Laurel Jones Tom McFarland Dick Ryerson Linda Small
Kerry Stern Christine Tunstall Glenn Vice Bruce Williams
Vic Zamora      
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
Update on Fall 2001 Coursesl Online courses: Enrollment is good in most classes.
Online-supported/hybrid courses: Enrollment is low in some Business classes.
Televised courses: Two Business classes had to be cancelled due to low enrollment.
Syllabus Conference Terri Beam and Mark Fernandez attended the Syllabus Education & Technology Conference in Santa Clara and stated it was a high quality conference and reinforced ideas we have already been implementing.
Online Readiness Exercise The Online Readiness Exercise can be used to help students determine how they might do in an online environment. At the end of the exercise, a report of the responses is generated along with information regarding online learning. Michelle Grimes-Hillman will pilot the exercise in her class during the Fall semester. It may be viewed at
 http://elearn.mtsac.edu/olsc/readiness .
FII Grant Dick Ryerson reported that Mt. SAC has submitted a grant proposal for "Developing Competencies for Online Faculty."
Other Carol Craig attended a class called, "Evaluating Course Management Systems," held from June 4-30. This was an online workshop providing "out-of-the-box learning experience for participants to work with and evaluate three leading course management systems (CMS): Blackboard, Prometheus, and Web CT.

Next tentative meeting: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 12:30 - 2:30 p.m., 9D-5
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