EDC Minutes for January 11, 2001, 9D-5, 11:00 12:30 p.m.

Members attending:
Dwight Ayle Terri Beam Robin Benedict Mary Brackenhoff
Julie Bradley Lane Braver Carol Craig Bob Farris
Mark Fernendez Angela Henderson Margie high Robert Ho
Tom McFarland Dick Ryerson Linda Small Jim Smith
Kerry Stern Chris Tunstall Glenn Vice Bruce Williams
Vic Zamora      
Guests: Jerry Nogy, Nana Sadamura
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
  • Terri Beam and Kerry Stern are working on a proposal to present to Staff & Organizational Learning for funding for an Online Learning Retreat, to be held this semester.
    • Format: 4 - 6 hours, on or off campus, probably on a Friday, break-out sessions
    • Topic ideas: main focus would be on growth of online learning; other ideas included logistics of online learning, pedagogy of online learning, class schedule, marketing, support for instructors, teacher orientation program. An umbrella issue may be that all courses will have to follow accessibility guidelines.
Tech Ed
March 26-29, 2001 in Ontario. Pre-conference workshops are March 25 and 26th in the Mt. SAC Learning Technology Center. Kerry is still looking for many volunteers
57 Distance Learning classes are offered this spring. The goal for the 2001 Fall semester is 60 classes.  Mark Fernandez is working with Mike Mendoza on formatting changes, possibly using shaded blocks or colors for special programs and online classes.  Discussion ensued regarding ideas for advertising special classes in the schedule.
The 2nd Annual CVC2 meeting will be held April 19-20, 2001 at Napa. The focus of the meeting will be on student success. Terri will attend. Christine Tunstall and Nana Sadamura will also attend as representatives for Student Services.
No report.
  • DSPS - Christine introduced Nana Sadamura.
  • Jerry Nogy reported that 10% of all labs on campus must be equipped with Assistive Technology so they can be accessible by the disabled. He is meeting with the Division Deans and Department Chairs to determine what this will mean for their areas and what their needs are. Christine noted Jerry has already met with Grace Hanson. She said to learn more about Assistive and Instructional Computer Technology, the High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges has an extensive website at www.htctu.fhda.edu/.
TTIP Jerry said the TTIP (Telecommunications & Technology Infrastructure Program) intent is to fund colleges to the baseline minimum using the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) categories. The TTIP will provide a baseline level of technology for students, faculty and staff that includes many features to support the goals of student access and success. The four major objectives of TTIP are:
  1. Implementing Information Technology across the curriculum;
  2. Infusing Information Technology in Student Services;
  3. Improving Student Access to Information Technology;
  4. Increasing staff access to Information Technology.

Jerry stated that this program is supplemental to the computers we have now on campus.

  • Terri's "Rapid Request" for an online readiness exercise was approved. She will be funded during Spring 2001 semester only.
  •  Dick Ryerson had two "Rapid Requests" approved. One was for a Web Mentor Trainer, specifically for online, and he would like a team of three. Terri and Vic Zamora volunteered.
  • Staff Development courses for spring will be advertised through a monthly newsletter and a postcard showing where to find on the Web rather than a full brochure. Dick said they need to broaden their base of presenters, and due to the new faculty contract, the pay rate is higher. Some offerings will include:
    • How online pedagogy is different from face-to-face
    • How to prepare for a hybrid course
    • How to prepare Internet assignments
    • Managing discussion forums
    • Developing PowerPoint presentations
  • Terri volunteered to teach a workshop on MS Photo Draw, and how to prepare for a hybrid class.
  • As the faculty liaison representative for the EDC, Terri will try to visit all departments on campus to determine which instructors may be interested in online/hybrid teaching.
  • Glenn Vice stated that problems are occurring regarding attendance at the Mandatory Meetings due to class conflicts.

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