EDC Minutes for April 27, 2000, 9D-5, 11:00 12:30 p.m.

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Guest: Carol Craig
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
  • Online Course Student Surveys have been posted and 16 replies have been received representing five classes. Carol Craig will email online instructors asking them to remind their students to complete the surveys. Hard copies will also be sent to all students who haven't responded.
  • At the April 13 Academic Senate meeting, Terri Beam shared the January 2000 Report to the Board of Trustees for Distance Learning. Faculty were interested to learn of the history of the program at Mt. SAC, how it has grown, and the shift from Televised to Online courses. Several issues were discussed including:
    • Why push program if retention is low - students take online thinking will be easier and find out not so.
    • Who is pushing program - faculty have volunteered; it's a faculty-driven process.
    • Number of students relative to on-campus class size - class size requirements are same as on-campus for first time class is taught and may be increased after the first semester with approval from department chair.
    • If program is growing, but on-campus classes are not, we are taking students from on-campus classes - taking online classes are students' decisions; students have different learning styles, some are lecture-based and some online; if there is student demand, we should provide the opportunity.
    • Success and retention are important - as courses are student-driven, three components are important, success, retention, and access; if student interest is shifting to online, we should be proactive in providing access and working towards student retention; students are learning whether taking classes on-campus or online.
    • What is load for teaching online - contractually it is the same.
    • Why is so much money spent on Distance Learning - there is a misconception about the amount of dollars spent on the program; the budget for 1999-2000 is $62,712.
    • Other issues included three levels of courses, televised, online, and stacked or online-supported, and copyright & intellectual property rights.
  • Committee discussed class support when an instructor is absent. Instructors should advise students of their absence via online or voice mail and keep in contact with students using appropriate communication tools, laptop, PC, or telephone.
  • Dick Ryerson announced:
    • Forum on "Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights in a Digital Age", sponsored by Los Angeles Regional Center, California Virtual Campus @ Rio Hondo College, on Friday, May 5, 9:30 --11:30 a.m.
    • Staff Development Needs Assessment distributed by campus mail and will also be online at their home page.
    • Faculty Instructional Approval Grants will be discussed at the April 27 Staff Development meeting.
HR 4176
  • This bill, recently introduced in the House of Representatives, is the Information Technology Act of 2000 "to provide grants to partnerships to establish and carry out information technology training programs and to provide incentives for educators to obtain information technology certification, and for other purposes." If approved, grants awarded could be $5000.
  • Revised Alternative Learning Reporting Form. Invite representatives from the various groups who will be completing the form to join EDC.
  • Handout distributed: "Quality On the Line - Benchmarks for Success in Internet-Based Distance Education", prepared by The Institute for Higher Education Policy and supported by National Education Association.
  • Web CT will conduct a demonstration at the final EDC meeting of the semester, May 11. Lunch will be provided.