EDC Minutes for February 24, 2000, 9D-5, 11:00 – 12:30 p.m.

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Guest: Chuck Sorcabal
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
  • Chuck Sorcabal reviewed online course, Calculus for Business, MATH 140.  He received a $20,000 Chancellor’s Grant to develop this course as a multi-media class with teleconferencing, net meetings, whiteboard interaction, and web cams.
    Course was approved.
    The course may be viewed at http://home.socal.rr.com/csorcabal.
  • In a separate meeting on February 23 - Tom McFarland reviewed online courses, Financial Planning, BUSA 71, and Principles of Exporting and Importing, BUSM 52;
    Tim Revell reviewed online course, General Biology, BIOL 1.
    Courses were approved.
Meeting Changes
  • As several committee members will be attending Tech Ed in Palm Springs, the EDC meeting on March 9 will be canceled.
  • Due to a time conflict with Academic Senate, the EDC will change its April 13 meeting to April 6.
Issues Discussion Forum
  • Terri Beam has three issues posted to the discussion forum. Kerry Stern asked the EDC to read and post comments as soon as possible.
  • There may be an online potential for the Correctional Officer Training program. A suggestion was made to look into other classes and departments where online teaching may be a possibility for targeting a new audience.

  • Kerry and Bruce Williams met with Negotiating Team.
  • Terri and Vic Zamora, as well as faculty from other areas, will be presenters Friday, March 3, at the Community College Conference -The Regional Consortium on College and Teaching - High Tech Instruction.