EDC Minutes for March 23, 2000, 9D-5, 11:00 12:30 p.m.

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Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
  • In a separate meeting on March 6, Bob Farris reviewed online course, Principles of E-Commerce, BUSM 25.
    Course was approved.
  • Bruce Williams reviewed the online-supported course, Modern Poetry, LIT 14. The class will meet every third week on campus or elsewhere and will be taught with one or more components delivered in an online mode via the Internet.
    Course was approved.
Professional Development Committee
  • Bruce Williams will replace Bob Farris as the EDC representative since Bob is absent from the committee this year.
  • Dick Ryerson reported on the concept of Faculty Fellowships at $1,000 per year. This would include: 1) teaching and mentoring colleagues, 2) web page creation, 3) professional development, 4) training in new software. This has been offered at El Camino College.
  • EDC discussed Microsoft-related software including FrontPage and would like to have access to Dream Weaver, Photo Shop, Adobe, Go Live, and possibly FLASH.
  • Dick suggested a summer camp for Online Workshops, two entry-level and two advanced.
  • Terri Beam reported on EDC activities at the Academic Senate.