EDC Minutes for December 14, 2000, 9D-5, 11:00 12:30 p.m.

Members attending:
Dwight Ayle Terri Beam Robin Benedict Mary Brackenhoff
Julie Bradley Lane Braver Carol Craig Bob Farris
Mark Fernendez Angela Henderson Margie high Robert Ho
Tom McFarland Dick Ryerson Linda Small Jim Smith
Kerry Stern Chris Tunstall Glenn Vice Bruce Williams
Vic Zamora      
Item Discussion / Comments / Outcome
CVC2 Meeting at Rio Hondo Terri Beam and Dwight Ayle attended the California Virtual Campus Regional II Center Advisory meeting on November 30, 2000 ( http://www.cvc2.org )
  • Eighty-three workshops will be offered during the upcoming year, and it was suggested that a designated person attend some of the workshops. ? A college may have one license for one hosting service at a time, either WebCT 4.0 or Blackboard.
  • Software for Coursemetrics, an online course evaluation, is being tested by Rio Hondo. The Merlot Project, a statewide project for faculty to learn about teaching with online delivery, may be viewed at http://www.merlot.org
  • Kerry Stern and Christine Tunstall will check out participating in Reciprocal Proctoring.
  • The 2nd Annual CVC2 meeting will be held April 19-20, 2001 at Napa.
League for Innovation in the Community College Terri Beam and Vic Zamora attended the League for Innovation in the Community College Conference on Information Technology held November 15-18, 2000 in Anaheim. Presentations that were observed were:
  • Growth of Online Learning
  • Retention and Success
  • Online Readiness
Academic Senate Report No report.
EDC Reporting Programs No report.
  • Terri and Dick Ryerson held discussion about an Online Learning Retreat.
  • Dr. Feddersen would like an additional 450 online classes offered over the next five years.
  • Student trustee will begin attending EDC meetings in January.

Issue Bin
  • Spring 2001 Schedule
  • Online readiness exercise